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This page shows current needs required by the GVCS CAD team. This can include help with modeling vendor parts, doing drawings of models or analyzing designs. You can also request help from the GVCS CAD team.

GVCS CAD Team Needs

If you can help with one of the requests below please edit the page to fill in your details and expected completed date. If you have further questions, contact the original creator linked in "Requested by".


LifeTrac IV Design

  • Project: CAE / Design analysis and input
  • Requested by: Mike Apostol
  • Date Requested: 2012-06-01
  • Need:
  • Task:
    • I've put together a list of design engineering tasks that need to be looked at for the next iteration of the LifeTrac before the actual design really gets going. If you can navigate over here and contribute at all to the tasks please do!
  • Files:
  • Upon Completion: Edit the wiki page with what information you can add or email me directly and I can put it into the wiki for you if it's in a normal word document or whatever.
  • Tracking: Edit your name by the task you're undertaking on the appropriate page

Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01 CAE Required

  • Project: CAE/FEA
  • Requested by: Mike Apostol
  • Date Requested: 2011-12-11
  • Need:
  • Task:
    • Marcin has listed a few items he's still looking for on the CAE side of things. If you can take a look at the list and work on any of the items please do and update that sheet showing you're working on it.
  • Files:
  • Upon Completion: Create wiki page and send Marcin an e-mail.
  • Tracking: Edit your name by the task you're undertaking on the DVD Wanted List page and add a check mark when completed.



Title Block Conversion

  • Project: CAD Standards
  • Requested by: Mike Apostol
  • Date Requested: 2011-12-10
  • Need:
    • The title block for drawings is currently available in native Solidworks template *slddrt, AutoCAD Template *.dwt, *.dwg and *.dxf. We need some people to redraw/convert it accurately other native program formats (UG NX, Catia, Alibre) as often times converting dxf title blocks doesn't work accurately.
  • Task:
    • Convert existing title block to all sizes ANSI A, B, C, D, E sizes, both Sheet 1 and Sheet 2+ for each size. Go to the title block section on the standards page to see what has been completed.
  • Files:
  • Upon Completion: Please send completed title blocks with image/screen capture of completed work to
  • Tracking:
    • Converting to:
    • Undertaken by:
    • Contact Details:
    • Expected Completion Date:


ARAS - Open Source PLM Review

  • Project: All
  • Requested by: Mike Apostol
  • Date Requested: 2011-12-15
  • Need:
    • We're exploring using ARAS and a few other open source options as a CAD data PLM system for storing all CAD data online. It could allow some interesting collaboration as you'll have check-in / check-out ability and much greater visibility on the available models. Does anyone have any experience using this software at work?
  • Task:
    • Please provide your input at the PLM page on how well you think it could be implemented into the OSE project.

External Requests for help

Add in your request for help from the GVCS CAD team here