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Satu, Agus, 5, 2017

File:LFW tensionerswitch.fcstd

File:PC 1708 fan.fcstd

Satu, Jul 29, 2017

File:LFW tensionerswitch.fcstd Simplified and Editable

Thur, Jul 27, 2017

File:46 Part 20b case (editable).fcstd Editable, 75.3kb

Tues, Jul 25, 2017

File:46 Part 20b case.fcstd Not Editable, 66.1 kb

Thur, Jul 20, 2017

File:46 Part 20b case.stl file stl. Simplified (1 hour)

Sund, Jul 09, 2017

File:Cube AG 8 hole tubing.fcstd

File:OSE FreeCAD test AG.mp4