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Add this category to all uploads of screenshots taken of Munin Graphs. These graphs may be useful in debugging the OSE_Server or for provisioning when calculating requirements of expected future hardware needs.

It would be wise to dump snapshots of such graphs to the wiki every year or so for the historical record.

Note that these images compress & view best as gif images max ~800k in size. This can be done in batch on the cli (after creating a backup of the original files!), for example:

# convert all PNGs to GIFs
for file in $(ls *.png); do name=${file%.*}; echo $name; convert $file "${name}.gif"; rm $file; done

# resize each image only if needed
find . -maxdepth 1 -iname '*.gif' -size +800k -exec convert '{}' -resize '2700000@>' {} \;

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