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Time Log

Thur Dec 9 - 13, 2019

I'm working on replicating the D3D Simple build we worked on in November, recreating it here alongside Marcin's recent changes.

Thur Nov 21, 2019

HintLightbulb.png Hint: How to sharpen to a fine point? -MJ

Putty knife:

I have used a belt sander to keep a good sharp bevel

Mon Nov 19, 2019

  • OpenSCAD-ready vector version of the logo -
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  • OSE wallet File:Ose

Mon Nov 18, 2019

Nov 14

Nov 1 - Nov 7

Work on Simple Extruder -- Cut/drill/tapped aluminum heat sink block. FreeCADed a jig for alignment (also WIP) - I think the same could be done with heater block.

I bought packs of all the hardware for the universal axis build hoping that I could use the same screws for this - but I am not sure this will be possible.

Spring tensioner needs still most work, the bearing from that is pictured is obviously not going to work...

I have come around to horizontal tool mount; I do feel like it will be more compact and stable. I think could be as simple as 3 holes and wing nuts.. focusing on full functioning of simple extruder first.

Edit: Nov 8 -- updated version of spring tensioner and extruder motor bracket

Oct 25 - Oct 31

After pulling many a hair out trying to make modifications to existing carriage file (every version I could find), have given up and began to just re-CAD from scratch. As proof of concept, made universal tool mount mods to carriage in Blender, but as a back-up I'm doing a super simplified mechanism as well in FreeCAD.

For Simple Extruder, I also started from scratch to build a replacement for the extruder spring base bracket that will also include wire org for the quick attach wiring, and a place for the toolhead mount. This should work for vertical or horizontal mounting, whatever we decide. . Also got trip details planned and tickets purchased for Nov 8 - 23

Oct 20 - Oct 24

Working on Simple Extruder and Universal Toolhead Mount. Note also that D3D_Simple#Part_Library has more.

Tue Oct 9, 2019


Sat Sep 14, 2019

First Conversation with Marcin