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Key Links

Team in Development

See YouTube for discussions -

  1. Saulo Log.
  2. Michel Log- Belgium - axial flux motor - Michel does WebGL and he CADded up the initial Universal Axis long ago, so he's been in the background for long.
  3. Emmanuel Log
  4. Ferdi Log - Munich, Germany
  5. Chris Caswell Log - Virginia - runs a 3D print shop with his brother including education programs. I think we should add his Open Source Headphones as a viable product for sale.
  6. Marcin Log - I will run the event from deep in the Missouri underground.
  7. Sebastian Log - Austria - trying to corral fellow world class Axiom open cinema people to participate
  8. William Log - Canada - we ran the first STEAM Camp. Started first OSE Club.
  9. Israel Log - Washington - back from a long hiatus, excited to be back!
  10. Vasco Log - Portugal
  11. Justin Decker
  12. Kevin Corbett.
  13. Demetrius Log
  14. Julieta Log

Working Document


Mon Nov 4, 2019

Startup Camp Meeting.

Thu Oct 17, 2019

Thursday Oct 10, 2019

STEAM Camp Team Meeting 2

Sep 27, 2019 Meeting

Waiting for Feedback

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