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A chronological log for Chuck Harrison, occasional off-site collaborator.

Current Log

2-Sep-2013 thru 8-Sep-2013

progress on PSoC4 ROS

contemplating dye-LED-webcam-based pH sensor for Lab_Scale_Fermentor#pH_sensing

26-Aug-2013 thru 1-Sep-2013

Met people from local (Seattle) biohacker space starting up: . Getting started on Lab_Scale_Fermentor for polylactic acid, contacted Eric Poliner.

Bringing up ROS environment on PSoC4 board. [1]. ROS is potentially a good communications protocol for distributed modular control systems. Distributed_CNC_Motion_Control

Measured thermal behavior of lab scale fermentor with a bunch of thermocouples: Lab_Scale_Fermentor#Thermal_Characterization

12-Aug-2013 thru 18-Aug-2013

CNC Torch Table - automatic gas controller - CNC_Torch_Table_Control_Overview#Oxyfuel_.28oxyacetylene.2C_oxypropane.2C_etc.29_cutting_torch

Brief comparison AD7747 vs PSoC4 capsense.

Made Quad sector sense ring for testing from perf board.

Started wiki page Distributed_CNC_Motion_Control

05-Aug-2013 thru 11-Aug-2013

See Torch Height Controller Discussions.

29-Jul-2013 thru 04-Aug-2013

PSoC4 capsense torch height sensor. Worried about oxyfuel torch height control when traveling near or over edges and holes.

22-Jul-2013 thru 28-Jul-2013

PSoC4 capsense torch height sensor. Flat aluminum ring has much more capacitance, good range. Try coil spring mount but it twists too easily.

15-Jul-2013 thru 21-Jul-2013

PSoC4 capsense torch height sensor initial testing with 14AWG insulated wire sense ring; not enough range.

Description and proof-of-concept video for Arduino-controlled proportioning gas pressure control. See Torch Table Control Overview

21-Jan-2013 thru 28-Jan-2013

  • exercised extopenSCAD->svg->eps->TorchmateCAD->dxf->gcode toolchain on Torchmate table, still buggy.
  • installed Si8600 I2C isolator in Steppernug v1_1 interface, added Arduino-side pullups, functional test ok.

31-Dec-2012 thru 6-Jan-2013

2012 Log

24-Dec-2012 thru 30-Dec-2012

16-Dec-2012 thru 23-Dec-2012

8-Dec-2012 thru 15-Dec-2012

  • Update I2C code in grbl [2]
  • Test some plasma cuts for angle fold-ups
  • Pulled implicitCAD commit 1c4ac855338 from github, merged Windows patches, built painlessly! plasma gcode generation is getting closer.

1-Dec-2012 thru 7-Dec-2012

  • Torch toolchain with implicitCAD. Need to clean up multi-segment implicitCAD svg's for g-code.
  • Received ebay valves that may be useful for an oxyfuel torch
  • Change of plan: do plasma cutting off site, relax deadline pressure on torch table construction. Urgent task to update CEB drawings for Dec 18 build Hopper_Work_Statement - individual part drawings completed.
  • Alibre toolchain
  • Created github repository for hopper work here, unfortunately Marcin and Kavitha seem to have difficulty using it.
  • Worked on concept for interchangeable touch-probe & marking device for torch table.

25-Nov-2012 thru 31-Nov-2012

  • got update from FEF regarding Dec 18 CEB build: no oxyfuel, using PP60 plasma on torch table, new tool chain with ImplicitCAD
  • download ImplicitCAD to my laptop, limited functionality on Windows, see here
  • first training session with Rusty's Torchmate CNC Plasma cutter.
  • visited Steve Hussey at Burning Specialties, a company that does CNC and pattern-follower oxypropane cutting with a huge older cantilever machine. Nice guy.

18-Nov-2012 thru 24-Nov-2012

  • sync grbl to upstream..success.
  • replaced mechanical microswitches on X1-X2 axis with photointerrupters..success. Testing
  • contact Kavitha to coordinate torch table prep for Dec. 18 CEB build.
  • research CNC oxyfuel torch cutting CNC_Torch_Table#Cutting_Torch
  • research onsite oxygen generation (PSA)
  • order some gas valves off eBay

11-Nov-2012 thru 17-Nov-2012

  • start log.
  • ship Millermatic 200 welder (Seattle craigslist) by LTL truck to FEF. 400 lbs for $500; was that reasonable?
  • steppernug (open source stepper driver) schematic review with Darren
  • received photointerrupters for torch table testing
  • looking into "does not quite reach position" bug in my grbl branch

Ancient history

First contact with OSE Sept 2011 briefly on site. I was in the area visiting relatives David Ihnen and Margaret Havens.