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The following is a comprehensive list of individuals who contributed to the Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01. Please write your name and contribution if your name is not shown.

Machines and CAD

  1. Brianna Kufa - CEB machine fabrication procedure lead
  2. Tom Griffing - Power Cube fabrication procedure lead, 2D and Sketchup modifications
  3. James Slade - build of bent loader arms; first CEB replication; machine disassembly instructionals
  4. Mike Apostol - full CAD drawings of CEB press, Pulverizer; Pulverizer fabrication procedure
  5. Marcin Jakubowski - OSE Paradigm page, others
  6. Yoonseo Kang - electrohydraulic integration to mechanical part of CEB; videos and instructions
  7. James Wise - OSE CEB Controller board development
  8. William Cleaver - LifeTrac III CAD
  9. Daniel Worth - Power Cube fabrication drawings
  10. Mike Doty - Full Fabrication drawings, CEB mechanical
  11. Chris Fornof - Power Cube frame inSstructionals in Sketchup
  12. Rob Beddingfield - CEB drawer and shaker Fabrication Drawings
  13. Hardi Meybaum - GrabCAD challenge on tractor
  14. Frank Anzaldua - Tractor fabrication drawings.


  1. Isaiah Saxon - GVCS in 2 Minutes video, Kickstarter Video
  2. Ian Midgley - major video contribution, such as Practical Post Scarcity Video, disassembly of machines, others
  3. Rebecca Roger - construction update video
  4. Sean Church - machine operation videos, construction review


  1. Floyd Hagerman - construction detail, shallow insulated foundation
  2. Pawel Sroczynski - model 40 sq meter CEB/Straw microhouse
  3. Larry Dobson - gasifier hot water stove plans
  4. Ken Morton - beginning of ergonomic analysis of construction

Editing/Publishing DVD

  1. Matt_Maier - organization of Table of Contents, background info on hydraulic systems
  2. Simon_Walter-Hansen - DVD publishing


  1. Mark Norton - Product Ecology Diagrams
  2. Aaron Makaruk - OSE Enterprise Plan Video video

Kickstarter Supporters

Special thanks go to True Fans and the Kickstarter Supporters who funded The Last Mile on the construction tool kit. Here is the list of a total of 1384 Kickstarter Supporters.