Class to Lab Time Ratio for Tech School

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  • 1:6 for DC Tech [1]

User: Eric 's Experience

  • I did a year of the Welding Program, then a year of the Electrician Pre-Apprentice Program
  • The welding was:
    • A few weeks of videos / in class stuff (Largely Weld . Com outside of Blueprints Symbols, and misc tips/tricks and wild things the teacher saw in their career), then the rest of the year was test plates in the various Weld Test Positions
    • There were a few days where things like the Oxy-Acetyulene Torch , Plasma Cutter , Track Torch , and Pipe Beveler (Both Torch and Blade Based) were demoed and then we learned how to use them
  • One minor bit to mention is that the teacher i gad that year was not there the next year. Mix of factors, but potentially due to it being one of those " Great at Understanding/Doing the Thing, but Bad at Teaching It " type situations, so the degree to which my experience represents the whole is unknown
  • Also Despite it costing ~10x or more if i remember correctly, this also varies from how Tulsa Welding School does/did things
  • For Electrical it was one to a few months of Theory ( Ohm's Law , V=IR and P=VI, The Math for Parallel and Series Circuits, AC Math like calculating RMS etc), then a day/afternoon after lunch touring the lab, then a few months of Residential Lab ( NMS Cable ( Romex ) and Nail on Box and so on based Electrical Installation Practice Walls
  • The last few months were commercial electrical, so Conduit Bending (both EMT Bending and a little PVC Conduit Bending (Heat Gun and/or PVC Conduit Softening Oven]] thing, it's almost like glassblowing which is interesting), also did something similar to the practice walls, this was a giant team based (rather than individual) one where there was a giant sheet (or stack of sheets) of plywood attatched to the Concrete Block Walls of the "lab". This was used to attach One Hole Straps and Four Square Electrical Boxes etc
  • There was also a few days to a week of installing Cut in Boxes with F Clips into Drywall (Albeit all with a Jab Saw ( Keyhole Saw ) rather than an Oscillating Tool RIP) (also the use of those Flexible Drill Bits and Electical Fish Sticks to install wire behind finished Drywall
  • I Can Cut this Down to Exact Dates (guestimate from photo Timestamps/Geolocating in my old archive?) and move the info on what all i did to another page for cleanliness sake if need be