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Cultural Creatives and Cultural Disruptives

Sociologists Anderson and Ray estimate that 25% of the US population are Cultural Creatives. At OSE, we are making the assumption that less than 1% of the Cultural Creatives falls into a deeper change-maker category – the Cultural Disruptives. These are people who are willing to engage in disruptive change based on not only the awareness of – but also a pro-active stance for - building deep and lasting solutions to pressing world issues. These are the social entrepreneurs, distributive entrepreneurs, distruptive change-makers, political holy-men, rebels, and other contrarians or independent thinkers. We focus on the Distributive Entrepreneur here as the most potent agent due to their connection to enterprise as a means to social change.

We estimate that the fraction of the population that falls into this category is approximately 1 out of 1000 people, or 0.1% of the world's population. We believe that this section of the population has cultivated the necessary mindset to obtain the required skill set for engaging in work such such as OSE. This means that these people have the intrinsic motivation to seek and organize with other like-minded Disruptives – who also find sufficient purpose and meaning in such a Disruptive Lifestyle. As such, these are people who are likely to sever societal expectations and attain an integrated lifestyle, consistent with Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. This means that our market size is approximately 1 million people in the ~1B population of the developed world.

Where does the 1/1000 fraction come from? it's a guess. We do know that Innovators constitute 2.5% of the population. If OSE is an average innovator, then the fraction of the population that should be amenable to OSE practice is 2.5%. However, a dimension of integral psychology must be imposed on top of that, since integral consciousness appears to be a prerequisite to becoming an Integrated Human. If we guess that 7% of the US population has some exposure to integral consciousness - where 7% is based on the fraction of the adult population that practices yoga - then we can guess that 7% of the innovators, or about 0.1% of the population, are Cultural Disruptives.

OSE Case

Open Source Ecology's customers are the Cultural Disruptives. The OSE Incubator and OSE Campus trains Cultural Disruptives to take open source ecology back to their own communities.

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