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  • A BOM has a set of Items.

Item #

  • Unique number/(string) for an Item.
  • Proposal: replace with Item ID because (continuous) numbering breaks easily and is a hassle to keep up-to-date.

Item ID

  • Unique name that provides a suggestive name for an Item.
  • Unique within the BOM, but not necessarily across BOMs.
  • The name is structured with "-", typically restricting/refining the preceding part. For example:
    • screw: a very generic screw, probably not a useful name in itself because too generic
    • screw-m6: a screw with M6 threading
    • screw-m6-18mm: screw with M6 threading and of length 18mm (length does not include head)

Item Description

  • Specifies the Item in natural language with the needed specificity.
    • For a cots-Item such that suitable candidates can be identified and ordered from a supplier

Item Type

  • cots (Commercial-Of-The-Shelf): a standard part that can be procured, see COTS
  • diy: requires manufacturing steps such as
    • cut: cutting with saw
    • drill: drilling
    • tab: tabbing
  • custom: can be manufactured to specification by a suitable local/online supplier (typically a Job Shop)
  • raw: semi-finished/raw product/stock can be procured, which needs to be further refined with diy
  • consumable: usually a continuous (not discrete) quantity, of which only a relatively small amount is required


  • Indicates where the Item can be found in the BOM's machine.
  • The name can refer to an Item or a (sub-)assembly.
  • The intention is to give a hint/reminder about the Item's purpose and positioning in the machine (for people that already have a decent understanding of the working of the machine). It is not meant replace build or assembly instructions.
  • TODO: Deciding on how to name (sub-)assemblies (naming convention)

Supply [Country/Region]


  • BOM reflects the D3D Universal build in Ghent at January 2020 STEAM Camp
    • with updates to make the BOM more general
  • BOM Items are targeted for Europe
    • European plug, 230V AC power supply
    • no GFCI
  • BOM provides links to German suppliers, US links are stale
    • please add more countries/regions

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