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Products that Fill a Similar Niche

Open Source

Prusa Mini

  • Doesn't come with the toolheads stock, but is otherwise similar
  • Has:

Non-Open Source


Open Source Prior Art


Multiple toolheads for a given machine are a common idea found in:

  1. Snapmaker
  2. E3D's current work on the automatic tool changer - but this is only for exchanging print heads.


  • This work is based on the D3D Simple - modifying for quick attachment of multiple heads.
  • D3D Simple is based on the Universal Axis
  • The Universal Axis is a modular, scalable derivative of the Prusa i3 printer X axis. Instead of using a dedicated design for an X axis, why not generalize the design to make it work for X, Y, and Z - and make it Intensively Scalable and Extensively Scalable at the same time?

Other Prior Art


This refers to other ways that people do a linear axis motion system. A common way is using lead screws.

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