D3D v20.04 Software

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  • Firmaware goes back from the 2-wire endstops to 3-wire endstops with indicator light to make fabrication easier. File:Marlin D3D Pro v1.0.zip no longer works.
  • New firmware builds upon the last version with 3-wire endstops - from 3D Printer Genealogy - the first version that had 2-wire endstops was D3D v19.02. Change log from v19.12 firmware states " Change log: endstop_inverting was reversed on X and Y compared to former versions". Thus, chaning this only would suffice - reversing back to the opposite of File:Marlin D3D Pro v1.0.zip
  • New file with versioning is thus: File:Marlin D3D Pro 2.zip
  • Note that we also need to use D3D Universal E steps per mm -M92 E100
  • Note we need to make sure we move over 80 mm after G28 so probe is over bed


    1. define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE { 300, 300, 30, 25 } - changed z from 10 to 30 - increase homing speed.
    2. define Z_MAX_POS 400 - increase z
    3. define HOMING_FEEDRATE_Z (12*60) - changed this from 4*60


  • File:D3d pro 2.ini
  • G0 Z330 takes bed down - but why was it 330 (12"+) in the 8" printers? This is taken from the older printer profiles.