D3D v19.02

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Change Log

  • Main change - Titan Aero with Volcano heater block. Volcano allows for the overslung design.
  • Introduced Y Axis Auto-parallel
  • Introduced overslung extruder as the standard option for easy serviceability, and future inclusion of High Temperature Heated Enclosure This means that the extruder is riding on top of the carriage, not below it. This also provides increased print volume by increasing Z.
  • Determine if 24V has visible performance improvement.
  • Does the Volcano heater block use the same heater as the standard E3D version? Docs - [7]. Yes:
  • Heater sourcing - [8]



Working Doc


Build Sequence

CAD - Part Library


Framev1902.pngZ1D3Dv1902.pngAxis half carriage.pngFrame+axes.pngFrame+axes+extruder.pngXy bracket.pngFinished v1902.pngRaisedbed.pngWithcablechain.pngEndstopholder2.pngCablechainbracket.pngXy bracket hole.pngLimitswitch.pngEndstop assy.pngE3dtitanbracket.pngFramebracket.pngXcable.pngYcable.pngFinalprinter1902.png


  1. Frame
  2. Carriage
  3. Motor piece
  4. Idler piece
  5. Half-carriage with regular bearings
  6. Rods
  7. Extruder
  8. Endstop
  9. Heated Bed
  10. Cable chain start, simplified
  11. Cable chain end, simplified
  12. Cable chain link, simplified
  13. 18 mm bolt
  14. 30 mm bolt
  15. Angle for holding X to Y axis
  16. Controller - power supply - borrow from Lyman Filament Extruder
  17. Controller - Arduino
  18. Controller - RAMPS
  19. Controller - LCD screen - reverse engineer from drawing?
  20. Controller - MOSFET



Itemized Part Library

  • Titan Aero with Volcano
  • Carriage
  • Rods
  • Titan Aero Bracket
  • Print Cooling Fan
  • Print Cooling Fan Holde
  • Height Sensor, 8 mm sensing distance
  • Height Sensor Holder
  • Fan duct
  • Screws for mounting Titan Aero Bracket
  • Cable Chain
  • Stepper Wire. Use Flamingo Workbench to create wires as pipes.


  • Marlin - File:Marlin v1902.zip. Change log: endstop_reversing was reversed on X and Y compared to former versions, where we now use default after going to plain endstop, and not the endstop breakout board.
  • 0.8 nozzle with Volcano - File:Cura1902.ini
  • Note - turning on Spiral in Expert Configuration provides beautiful results


  • 22 ga ferrules - [9]
  • 14 ga ferrules