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Production Meeting Notes

October 28 - November 3

Nov 18, 2013

  • MH -- Need to install the stove today, Mark will work on siding
  • Trencher -- issue with the plates vs the SketchUp mode, made corrections to the prototype, need to update CAD
  • CNC TT -- Sam is up to speed on CNC TT status;

Oct 31, 2013

Agenda: 1) Ironworker, 2) MH, 3) Infrastructure, 4) Logistics, 5) Documentation, 6) CNC Torch Table, 7) Construction

  • Ironworker - Ironworker has legs; still needs a guide installed on the table--99% built; still need to update all of the documentation; upload pictures for legs and build documentation instructions; going to cut tubing today
  • MH -- Working on Dozuki after lunch; meeting with Dan Overby to discuss energy modeling;
  • Infrastructure -- still raining, not going to have Jake come out today; Jake was able to remove the bricks around the stove so we can re-install when welding is complete
  • Documentation --
  • CNC TT -- Hardware needs to be updated, but is working now; need to replace one of the motor mounts; wants to create some software for testing; is moving in 3 dimensions now
  • Construction -- MH is the south: Ideal client -- Has land to build it, has the capital to build it (~$15K), has place for attendees to stay/camp, has experience with construction/planning/building, in the south, will dedicate a blog post to this, other logistics: would need to transport our equipment/tractor
  • Other -- 1) Discussed Theodore/Haiti Project with Chris for his SA, 2) Marcin is focused on the Shuttleworth application, 3) Microcar -- Yann is willing to come out in Dec; received Shuttleworth grant; perhaps mid-Jan to Feb will be better -- need to coordinate

Oct 30, 2013

Held mini Production meeting today.

  • Ironworker -- refined precision cutting, putting on feet today, continuing documentation
  • MH -- Mark is getting more wood to complete trim
  • Infrastructure -- Rick is going to come out today to finish digging the drain pipe; Sweiger has the stove, should be done Thurs/Fri
  • Logistics -- Marcin & Dan depart on Fri. They will drive the truck to St Joe and Katie will take them to the airport in her car

Oct 29, 2013

Agenda: 1) Ironworker, 2) MH, 3) Infrastructure, 4) Logistics, 5) Documentation

  • Ironworker -- Sheared 1x8 yesterday; captured documentation of the process -- shear documentation & useage; will be used as part of our workshop infrastructure; need to finish the table, level the table, complete the guide/backstop, and install feet--Dozuki guides will need more work as well; need to capture what was built in Sketchup
  • MH -- need to complete documentation and upload to Dozuki, but this is a lower priority than the Shuttleworth documentation deliverables for the Ironworker and the Backhoe; Mark needs more wood to finish the framing; still has two more days of "finishing" work
  • Infrastructure -- Stove:Sweiger is making the doors, Marcin wants to deliver the entire structure (frame, etc) so they can finish everything--then we will simply need to install it --- Marcin would like to build a second stove for the workshop for this winter; Marcin will call Sweiger so he can explain what work needs to happen with the frame and how to attach the doors; Marcin wants Mark to install the stove once its done; Marcin wants the bricks removed around the stove; Bush hog: Need to contact Gary to get status when he can come out (Katie)
  • Documentation -- MH: He is uploading to Trovebox, reloading them to 900x600 resolution; Marcin would like for the MH to be divided into sub-folders (i.e. foundation, etc--use what is in Dozuki); Marcin wants to meet with Chris & Rob to work sort documentation (meet today at 1pm CDT); Backhoe:We are missing step instructions, etc for what Cory & Leandra did this summer during 6 in 60; need to ID what documentation is outstanding by each module; Marcin would like to focus Wed/Thurs focusing on documentation -- photos, work instructions, & utilize 3D graphics if we don't have photos for instructions
  • Other: Dan is leaving tomorrow @3:35pm, needs a ride

Oct 28, 2013

Agenda: 1) Design Sprint, 2) Ironworker, 3) MH, 4) Infrastructure, 5) Logistics, 6) Documentation

  • Design Sprint Update-- Created a full Dozuki guide for the Ironworker; needs some editing;
    • Applying this model to the Laser Cutter project -- let's do this same model and get people to support the 3-4 day build process while@ Lasersaur; ACTION -- Marcin to develop a schedule & agenda for Lasersaur (Tues, Wed, Thurs); will advertise via the Blog & through the newsletter;
  • Ironworker -- 2/3s re-assembled; switched tubing from 2/3 to 1/2; cutting 1x6s today;
  • MH --

NOTE: meeting interrupted due to HabLab internet going down


Current Product Development


Backhoe Development Board

Backhoe Problem Statement and Backhoe Pivot ROM Concept

Backhoe Side to Side Pivot Module

Dozuki Docs: Backhoe

Contact the Backhoe Development Team: ose-backhoe-development@googlegroups.com


Ironworker Problem Statement

Ironworker Product Development Board

Product Development Board - Ironworker Frame Module (to integrate the feet)

Product Development Board - Ironworker Hole Punch Element Module

Product Development Board - Ironworker Shear Table Module

Dozuki Docs: Ironworker

LifeTrac 6

LifeTrac 6 Development Board

Dozuki: LifeTrac 6


Chris Reinhart Log

Microhouse Prep / Checklist

Microhouse Prototype Assessment

Production Rhythm


  • Enterprise Program Review
  • Review Design Sprint Product(s)


  • Logistics
    • Shop Equipment Status
    • Repair Status
    • Supply Status - Long Lead Parts, High Risk Parts
    • Other Logistics Issues


  • Issues & Risks


  • Schedule

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