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The Founder's Ted Talk

last updated Nov. 15, 2013


We are building a kit of the 50 most important machines that it takes for modern life to exist - everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker. Then we create open source blueprints - so that anyone can build and maintain these at a fraction of what it costs today. Our goal is to create a life size LEGO set of powerful, self-replicating production tools - that can distribute production - to build modern economies from abundant, local resources.

If you'd like to help - we are inviting you to Factor e Farm - our main development facility - in Maysville, Missouri - for a Dedicated Project Visit. Dedicated Project Visits are typically one month in duration, but shorter and longer time frames are acceptable. During the Dedicated Project Visit, Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs) assist with the current design and prototyping priorities. However, on occasion, a DPV may request a Specialized Dedicated Project Visit where the DPV works on a GVCS project that is not on the current list of priorities, but which is useful because of the special skills and interests of the applicant.

See our schedule for the 2014 Summer of Extreme Design-Build.

Application and Participation Steps

The goal of a Dedicated Project Visit is to produce tangible results towards the completion of the GVCS. The following are the overall application steps for a Dedicated Project Visit. For any questions, email info at opensourceecology dot org.

  1. Initial Contact - Please contact info at opensourceecology dot org, with [DPV] in the subject line. See Initial DPV Request for pertinent information to include in your inquiry.
  2. Application - After initial contact, we request that applicants fill out the Application format from the next section and upload to the wiki, according to the instructions.
  3. Interview - After reviewing the Application, OSE staff will conduct a 15 minute interview.
  4. Evaluation - DPV applications are evaluated based upon the applicant's skills, commitment, and culture fit.
  5. On-Boarding - Once an offer for a DPV is accepted, a welcome email will be sent to the applicant. Orientation on site will follow. Additional information can be found at Community Standards.
  6. Documentation - all DPV participants are required to follow Work Log Guidelines.

For remote collaboration, we have Remote Collaboration Standards.

DPV Application

The goal of a Dedicated Project Visit is to produce tangible, significant results that contribute to the creation of the GVCS. We are not a typical hacker space, as our program revolves around a focused set of priorities. Our team swarms on projects in unison in order to achieve a rapid development rate and to boost morale.

Please post the DPV Application materials by filling out the form below - which should take about 10-15 minutes. If you don't see the form below, use this link -

. view responses


Documentation is the key to successful open source projects. All DPVs are required to keep a Work Log, and are encouraged to bring a digital camera or smart phone with them to document their work. They may also be asked to blog about their progress at the beginning and end of their DPV.

Living and Working Environment

Factor e Farm is a developmental facility. Basic accommodations include shelter, twin beds, showers, flush toilets, kitchen, and washer/dryer. Participants are expected to follow Factor e Farm Guidelines and Factor e Farm Community Standards, and to cover their own food expenses. Pets are not allowed unless specifically negotiated. See also the DPV Message Board that has links and resources for DPVs such as common used links, 3D modeling resources, DPV work day schedules, chore charts, etc.


Housing and food are provided. For the summer vacation period (June - Sep), the cost is $15 per day to cover dorm-style housing, food, and utilities. We will provide basic food as in a housing cooperative, where our cook will manage food preparation and DPVs may be required to cook occasionally. During times other than the summer vacation or other dedicated development sessions, the cost per day is $10. For those who cannot afford to do this, OSE may consider scholarships. The benefit of a DPV is that if there is are [Workshops] going on at Factor e Farm - the DPVs may be able to participate for free (typical cost of workshops is otherwise $100-$200 per day).

Sample Dedicated Project Visit Applications

Summer 2014 Program