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Basic scope:

OSE's work revolves around the development of the Global Village Construction Set. At the same time - we are developing a scalable platform for open source product development. Our current development method includes the blend of the OSE Development Protocol with Incentive Challenges.

At the same time, developing and testing Distributive Enterprises marks the highest state of completion of any project.

But the OSE project is much bigger than that. As we develop the GVCS via Module-Based Design using a Construction Set Approach, we are developing an Open Source Technology Pattern Language: identifying and developing the 500 most critical modules that constitute all of human technology. These modules are implicit in the GVCS - the 50 machines span about 99% of these modules - and it turns out that shifting to the development of these modules, instead of finished machines, allows us to develop all of the GVCS machines more effectively and deeply - by focusing on common modules as opposed to distinct machines. The modules provide a more generative approach.

And the technology aspect is just the beginning. Our work is not about creating better technology, but creating better humans. Technology can help. But the real work revolves around humans upgrading their operating systems (minds) to embody a more integrated mental model of the world, and to develop corresponding skills that provide agency in the world. We understand that democratic technology is a prerequisite to a democratic society, and that the agents in the new society must upgrade their capacity to that of Integrated Humans. This means that we teach skills, psychological integration, mind-body integration, and close the gap between the rational and spiritual in the process. The goal is unleashed creativity and progress of society, more free and happy.