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Fri Jan 12, 2018

Transitioning to Simple Development Template with 20 line items instead of 40 line items for standard template.

Sat Jan 6, 2018

Started filling out Operating Manual. Operating Manual should contain operation, safety, troubleshooting, and repair. Operations Manual should be a manual for starting an enterprise.

Tue Jan 24, 2016

Added 3D CAD Parts as an important step for parallelizing development, and removed Part Library because Process Manager is responsible for committing to the official Part Library only after a development cycle is complete. Fixed Electronics Schematics link, it was going to Flowcharts.

Sun Dec 4, 2016

Added 3DP Substitution, vBOM, Exploded Part Animation to Development Template.

Mon Nov 22, 2015

Added hashtags concept for submodules to the Contributor Log Form.

Mon Sep 21, 2015

Added Technology Assessment and Value Proposition.

Sat Aug 15, 2015

Added Workflow Plan under Event Organization to the August 2015 Development Template.

Fri Jun 25, 2015

Our next step is to have people commit to a Team Charter where we clarify roles. We are considering either for a generalized Development Methodology Team, or specific project teams. I am inclined toward the former - as that addresses the collaborative methodology gaps that I have observed are a serious block to progress. I beieve that this methodology can be applied to streamline any single project, and as such, can be a point to gather around with diverse teams. I am so far convinced that the OSE community must get on the same page as to the nuances of the meaning of modular design - so the next frontier is nailing collaborative literacy on modular design, which allows true parallel developement. We should apply this to our collaboration here. I think the development technique is intricate, but once developed - it will be much worth the time. - Marcin to Paulo.

Fri June 18, 2015

Changed formal wiki page X Machine Development Template pages to X Machine Development for simplicity. It is more intuitive to find a Development page.