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Log Entries

Nov 4 2018

All my time over this last week has been spent scraping jb weld off of my bed to remount it and reading 3d printer discussion threads all over the internet for general due dilligence. not much progress on anything.


blockahins llc email



Worked on the mount for my shredder, took the parts for the USU shredder to get some bits done. Prints still failing, bed won't secure level, so I'm taking it off and stripping the bed holder.


Add "G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length" to your start.gcode. Cura doesn't automagically insert that like other slicers tend to do. If you don't reset the extruder postion, first extrude command in the gcode will end up reversing the filament on your second print.

Tuesday October 23rd

I discovered my Z probe had shook itself loose. While attempting to fix that, my spool holder fell down and knocked my bed off the bed holder! I went to troubleshoot my motor, but I got fed up after a while and went camping.

Monday October 22nd

Motor for shredder not working. Struggling to get heat band working for filament maker. Getting no adhesion on first layer prints and/or filament getting ground to bits lately.

Starting on Laser Cutter Manual

Monday October 15th

Burned a bunch of time not figuring out how to adjust my improperly mounted bed via gcode.

Some research: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkUtIQGmwsc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1KTGC1Dbz0&t=13s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yp_5Utti_A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BErBHOE05vg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwlxiWxP634

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgwXUBSKVm8 Laser filter for lid? Where do I source large plastic/lastic window for lid.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPvTB3irCxQ&vl=en TMC2130?

LID auto shut off?

Worked on shredder mount.

Wednesday October 10th

Assembled laser cutter electronics. Questions:

Cut off end of laser PS and go straight to large PS. Top of frame not level? Extend laser wires or mount driver on carriage?

Monday October 8th

Worked on Dixon1 extruder, took measurements for shredder, stood up laser cutter frame.

  • oooahahhhhhh yeahhhh (go dixon!) -alex

thanks man

Friday Sep 14th


Monday Sep 10th

From Alex Log

Assembly: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dQPuo0tHr3wnP7MAigtNTv425M69HgO5AlSDLuAxTpQ/edit?usp=sharing Wire Routing and Final Touching: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vUwm1JZS3i5IyRm7b4wBucN_K1ba2rugQk3jyxwf8Pc/edit?usp=sharing 6 Layer Documentation Template Photo Thread for Day 1 of 3D Printer Build, Immersion Camp #1" Tools needed for 3D print build: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z-RoLI95bQQzUfuJCpoPG4tyTP5_T3tI6t6ZGzEVcg8/edit?usp=sharing 3d printer immersion flyer Notable Open Source Players freeCAD Adjustments cable chain end piece needs a hole for m16? end stops need a pad so that it can be glued instead of magnets create an OSE magnet as a take home gift adapter plate needs a pad smaller extruder holder piece needs to have learger holes so you don't have to ream the holes , the 3 holes that hold the motor in (Ream the 3 holes using a power drill and a 4mm drill bit.) put a notch in the duct for the large fan bc the clip that is supposed to close it gets blocked by this little bump sticking out slides workflow could switch to markdown with version control:

https://github.com/gsuitedevs/md2googleslides https://publishing-project.rivendellweb.net/converting-markdown-to-slides/ can switch things from google docs to markdown for publishing:


Saturday Sep 8 2018

Printer Assembly! : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dQPuo0tHr3wnP7MAigtNTv425M69HgO5AlSDLuAxTpQ/edit

Friday Sep 7 2018

Be conscious of sizes of google docs. I was getting the error referenced in this support page on a regular basis. : https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/docs/-l87eB4tHvo/bC_97Q1mzl8J

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collet Collet is a subtype of chuck! Obvious, but still new to me.

Quick resource for all of the working docs for the 3d printer:

Extruder : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/172KqbjetnginKONsxB2fh9P-IjfuogUx-CAq8Cvx_4Q/edit#slide=id.p

Heated Bed : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BJ1WMltjScTuQ7paGLvs0HMpxtESkitffxhm0d8K4Sc/edit?usp=sharing

Frame : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hyFU_mV8qGpV-hbHg9gOAYagN1vF-tqNdCh8p_B8hfc/edit#slide=id.p

Axis X, Y, Z: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AKgYVq1v1WCgCvUxsRGYh2Awzl4s1mI75tHxGzxw0zg/edit?usp=sharing

Tools needed for 3D print build: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z-RoLI95bQQzUfuJCpoPG4tyTP5_T3tI6t6ZGzEVcg8/edit?usp=sharing

We are doing a six layer documentation style, see the template here:


Thursday Sep 6 2018

Heated Bed : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BJ1WMltjScTuQ7paGLvs0HMpxtESkitffxhm0d8K4Sc/edit?usp=sharing

Control Panel: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bGoJ7T7Y26oi9NQTS1o30Oaw3tvnPTD7jWdnfiWRA2Q/edit#slide=id.p

Governance, marketing, personal support for personnel changes

Tues Sep 4 2018

D3D Axis Documentation https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AKgYVq1v1WCgCvUxsRGYh2Awzl4s1mI75tHxGzxw0zg/edit#slide=id.g4150197dca_10_258

Mon Sep 3 2018

Extruder : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/172KqbjetnginKONsxB2fh9P-IjfuogUx-CAq8Cvx_4Q/edit#slide=id.p

Heated Bed : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BJ1WMltjScTuQ7paGLvs0HMpxtESkitffxhm0d8K4Sc/edit?usp=sharing

Frame : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hyFU_mV8qGpV-hbHg9gOAYagN1vF-tqNdCh8p_B8hfc/edit#slide=id.p

Axis X, Y, Z: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AKgYVq1v1WCgCvUxsRGYh2Awzl4s1mI75tHxGzxw0zg/edit?usp=sharing

Holacracy-based_Decision-making_Process | 6 Layer Documentation Template | Photo Thread for Day 1 of 3D Printer Build, Immersion Camp #1"

Tools needed for 3D print build: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z-RoLI95bQQzUfuJCpoPG4tyTP5_T3tI6t6ZGzEVcg8/edit?usp=sharing

Tue Sep 5 2017

I have been working on a two minute edit for the promo this week, as well as contacting faculty and students about recruiting developers. I am also making contact with a local youth maker space about potentially replicating the lyman filament extruder.

Mon Aug 28 2017

Nearly have final form of promo. See it at https://youtu.be/TPKI9SR6hA0

Will have retrospective writeup on this experience when classes die down.

Wed Aug 22 2017

Starting to piece together the narrative of the promo. Unfortunately lost a bunch of interview footage due to an unknown camera bug I was hoping open source firmware would fix. I will be diving into making an edit today, and potentially doing a retrospective interview with myself to fill in any gaps. Also met with Cheryl Hanewicz about recruiting Utah Valley University Technology Management students to do the project management on a possible 3d printer workshop at Utah State. Won't make the delayed meeting today as I have a personal meeting.

Sun Aug 20

Still sorting through footage. Will be out of internet access for the meeting likely as I am travelling through southern utah and northern idaho and the eclipse is creating a terrifying confluence of people.

Tue Aug 15

Appt way over time so I missed the meeting. However I have been sorting and prepping my footage from the workshop. Will have a rough cut by the end of the week.

Thu Aug 10 2017

Continuing to refine shotlist, script, and putting together interview questions.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ey5FcMMj7iCZy2nSFO1SZCVrxx9PePFV3XtFoRb9p5U/edit#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ic3BOs_Sj-7GboxiUf70xvbnJqhQldD8tirTuTp4t1c/edit

Script is pretty rough, but my concept is that I want to hear all of this from the workshop participants and not Marcin, so I kind of need to get all of what would typically go in a script from the interviews. The structure is just to follow the day, starting with participants talking about their expectations for the class, and then lessons learned afterwards. This should make it seem doable to anyone watching it.

Mon Aug 7 2017

This last week has been hectic however I have completed my preparations for the workshop promo shoot this weekend. This has included formatting SD cards and ensuring that Magic Lantern firmware is up to date and installed on each. I use this 3rd party firmware to provide camera features such as focus peaking and audio metering while shooting. I also reset my camera and replaces the flaat_10 picture style, which ensures that I have as much image data as possible to work with in the color process, and allows me to focus on exposure somewhat less during the process of shooting. Tested batteries and storage media and replaced sub par units.

I have additionally tested my GoPro, which will be used to create a POV 'hands on' promo, and replaced the case element which was scratched. As for audio, I have obtained a camera mounted microphone which goes direct in to the camera, and a lavlier microphone which I will use for static interviews.

Sat Jul 29 2017

As part of the design sprint I created CAD files for LFS_BEARINGS.fcstd and LFS_WOOD_DOWEL_BIRCH.fcstd

consolidated brass heat insert entries

Created Sub Assembly 3 for filament spooler.

Working document for video https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tpIz20cplzzUbZG9dflTWeDYbKl4CF-_hFGUKa9pqIs/edit https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b039wT9kNTfalr2GZ0-nnQ6djr_IqTVHiIKnc66nm44/edit#gid=0

Sat Jul 22 2017

I was up in Logan this week searching for housing. During this time, I followed up leads I had on contacting the USU engineering clubs. Nick Huld, the VP of the Engineering Student Council, suggested that I contact the advising staff to put out an engineering college wide e-mail to contact people who are not involved with clubs. I also investigated the Cache Makers (http://cachemakers.weebly.com/) group, and will contact them for possible interest, especially in a D3D build workshop.

I contacted the director of Western SARE (http://www.westernsare.org/About-Us) about finding students who wish to potentially be involved with the Agriculture portion of the critical path, in refining the design of the Chicken/Aquaponics farm, no reply yet.

I also had a discussion with my brother and received a tentative response about further discussions with the Utah Valley University Technology Management program (http://www.uvu.edu/tm/). They may have students interested in contributing to the refinement of our workflow, or possibly even in managing a distributed team.

I was also able to review some of Jozef's work on the onboarding process. I intend to schedule a meeting with him and Marcin soon, though my quest for housing is taking increasingly more time. I have begun to draft my findings for my internship as well.

All of these communications should pick up as we near the start of the fall semester. I will be participating in the 12 CST design sprint today.

10:50 MST Creating CEB Press Part Library

Jozef and I removed soil blocks from the ribs in the frame. I tried using a sketch and a pocket, but we both settled on using a cube and doing a boolean subtract.

I was planning on getting more done, but I had to go to the ER!

Sat Jul 15 2017

Identified fasteners and some other parts and labeled the visual document [1]

Fri Jul 14 2017

I spent some time labeling the diagrams on the Lyman Filament Extruder working document. I also spent some time investigating leads for recruiting developers via engineering clubs at Utah State University, as well as discussing the role of digital project management students with my brother. I hope to get more parts labeled tomorrow. I have also continued to review workflow materials, as I seem to have a fragmented view of the purpose of some of the specifics of what we are doing. For example, I thought the sketches that were to be included during simplification were layout sketches used to orient the parts, not the sketches used to construct each part. While working on some of my other responsibilities, I have been trying to consider the best thrust for educational materials on these subjects.

==Fri Jul 7 2017== Roberto has brought to my attention that I do not in fact understand the simplification process, so I will be reviewing the documents and meeting where it was discussed today. I have uploaded a few of the simple parts I had files for (washers, bolts) so that they are available, but I will refrain from doing much else before I do too much damage!

Thu Jul 6 2017

Created some parts for the Lyman Filament Extruder and simplified others.

Wed Jul 4 2017

Yesterday I spent time designing parts using the Part Design workbench and using sketches. In particular, I was working on a simple part, the black iron pipe nipple from the Lyman Filament Extruder barrel. This was a difficult process, but I wanted to see what the hangups were. I then moved to using the Part workbench and beginning from primitives. In addition to reducing filesize, this is a workflow more similar to what I am used to, which is working with primitive and sculpting them rather than extruding from a 2d design. I am continuing with this workflow today before and during the meeting to make simplified parts for the extruder barrel.

Added to meeting slides my meager findings for this week. Also somewhat relevant are some things I can across while doing work for my other classes this week:

Complex systems collapse in the late bronze age (sounds familiar):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMBM1qazAXE

Aragon Network, a blockchain framework for unstoppable companies and organizations: https://aragon.one/

Tue Jul 4 2017

This week has been a bust for getting stuff done on this but I am working today to get some of the extruder barrel parts made. OSE Linux seems to not like slashes in file names, so I will need to conform all of the filenames on the part library. I'm also running into some sort of issue saving freecad files, I'm not sure what the pattern is yet.

Mon Jun 26 2017

This weekend I have spent about my ten hours continuing to pour through the extruder part files. I feel stupid now, because I was fixated on all the parts being optional variations, but they seem to be an outdated more complex version as well as a few odds and ends. I've wasted a ton of time not recognizing that, not sure why it wasn't immediately obvious. I have made a set of slides outlining these differences and giving a concise list of what appears to be the 'stable build' that needs to get pritned and traced. We may want to keep the other option somehow, but I can't see any real advantages. I kind of regret uploading all of those part files now, but I guess they can be deleted. I'm more familiar with this project now for sure. Not sure why I didn't document as I was going, I need to work on that a lot.


Mon Jun 19 2017

Further organized the Lyman Filament Extruder Part Library and prepared to add the spooler index. This managed to keep me awake in my plant breeding and genetics class.

Sun Jun 18 2-17

Attempted to trace stl files, but wasn't getting a filesize reduction. I also lost all of my work because I was saving it in the OSE Linux documents directory instead of on a persistent hard drive.

Fri Jun 16 2-17

Spent about two hours discussing onboarding, hiring, marketing, and other HR related topics with Jozef

Wed Jun 14 2017

Spent about two hours working on adding entries for the Lyman Filament Extruder Part Library

Sun Jun 11 2017

Outlining Example Log which I will create during the video. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12SztsS0ktT03_HkQnWx8qwJZctyHoWK348T751XKfpA/edit 1 hr

Fri Jun 09 2017

Spent 1130 MST to 1330 trying to further familiarize myself with the filament extruder construction pdf and created sub galleries for modules based on the Lyman Filament Extruder Working Document for the Lyman_Filament_Extruder_Part_Library. It appears based on the OSE Network comments Abe made that we are close to being able to get the rest of the files in there, and I am burning a lot of time trying to wrap my head around what printed parts go to what module, so I will need to work more directly with someone (probably Abe) to get that finalized.

Beginning at about 1500 MST until 1620 MST I have been transferring some of my work on Wiki 101 script to the Wiki 101 page. I think I have kind of misunderstood the format of what will be the New Developer Orientation checklist. I am pivoting my intent and trying to coordinate with Jozef to make sure that it is streamlined and efficient. Wiki 101 will be one of the boxes on the checklist, and the template for other classes, and it's self verifying test will be the creation and formatting of the Developer's log.

I am now watching the developers meeting I missed.

Wed Jun 07 2017

Continued working on the script for wiki and drive 101 from ~1800 MST to ~2050 MST. After reviewing what Jozef has been working on, it appears that we have some overlap and I feel it is probably best to regroup and determine what tasks should be part of the onboarding video and which should be part of the wiki/docs 101, or if they should be combined (i feel that is likely). Also TBD is how closely these videos will paralell the wiki pages, as essentially a transcript or a more in depth tutorial. I plan to do some work on organizing the extruder part library printed parts tomorrow until I can have a longer collaboration with both Jozef and Marcin to determine our next direction on these intro videos, as I will likely be unavailable for the meeting due to typical Thursday commitments.

While this week has been a frustrating week with unexpected obligations taking time away from finishing this script on the schedule I intended, I have had a fair amount of time during them to reflect on my past experience with poor documentation in FOSS (though some projects such as VLC are better in this regard, I still have problems finding current version documentation every time I have an issue, and once I figure out my issue ((if i dont give up)) I never document it for others) and how much more important robust documentation will be for open source hardware, especially if improvements or modifications are made regionally. This is less of a concern now, and I realize that the focus is getting developers smoothly onboarded to put serious dents in the OSE critical path, but I think it is worth having a forward looking attitude in regards to creating products geared towards cultivating documentation and collaboration literacy in the general populace (people replicating machines but not necessarily directly associated with OSE) once OSE reaches viral replicability. Particularly, I hope to act as a product owner and assemble a group of individuals to construct the basic machines, and I would like to have a smooth workflow for getting whatever crew I can scrape together on the same page re:documentation best practices. I am somewhat hesitant on this subject, as I feel fairly confident that the platforms we are using (YouTube, centrally hosted wikis, minds network etc.) will not be dominant in ~5 years. That may be my blockchain obsession showing though.

Jun 05 2017

Did some further work on documentation videos from 1130MST to 1230 MST, all online this time. More work 2030-2130 MST on script. I am now more confident on the general outline and content of the script. It should come together much more nicely soon.

Jun 04 2017

Began moving notes to document. Created shared doc for script @ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FDUb25_uALUT9bFyAeFP_thSIn_k_VbcAfpaNf5tBBA/edit Plan on working more tonight.

Jun 03 2017

Did ~1 hours outlining and brainstorm on script.

Jun 02 2017

Did some offline work (~1hr) figuring out what format is best for scripts at a film shoot. Settled on modified A/V format.

May 31 2017

Met with Marcin at 1300 MST, then began uploading stl files for extruder part library. Taking a break @ 1445 MST.

Picked back up at 2220MST, uploaded last spooler stl and image at 2335 MST

May 29 2017

~2200 Began adding non printed parts to index. 2300 Finished adding parts. Still need to double check my work and figure out which parts correspond to which stl files and images. Tomorrow I plan to get files from mcmaster carr (I believe they have cad files for all parts) and to start sniffing out dimensions for some of the other components. Will probably just make a mockup of the auger myself with no screw modeled.

May 26 2017

Began sorting extruder files @ 2200

Internet went down while I was uploading image files to gallery. Followed up on contacts that may let me use 3d printers locally and may want to do build workshops locally.

May 24-25 2017

Began work on Lyman Filament Extruder Part Library Index @ ~22:30 MST Decided it would be a good idea to add the spreadsheet to my google drive and delete everything without making copy. Reverted back to the last revision before my blunder and asked on network.opensourceecology.org for someone to double-check my revert. Struggled with the embedded live sheet (a wiki primer or an expanded set of edit tools as I have seen on some other wikis would be helpful) Added an entry for each of the stl files in the Lymanv6.zip file by filename to the index spreadsheet, and uploaded the first one (1 bottom corner 1) intending to add those to an entry, however I noticed that the D3D library index only has free cad files and not meshes, as makes sense. I will discontinue work on the actual page for the time being and convert or reengineer the parts to free cad files tomorrow. Stopped work @ ~23:30 MST

May 23-24 2017

Began work on http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Lyman_Filament_Extruder_Part_Library at ~23:30 MST. Went with 'Lyman_Filament_Extruder_Part_Library' to differentiate from another extruder page, and to be consistent with the working page for this device. Forgot how much saving often spams the recent wiki changes page, will have to streamline that habit. Unsure what the protocol for creating google docs is, so I asked on the minds group for the 3d printer, until I figure that out the d3d index is the placeholder. Lorem Ipsum in place of links to other materials that don't exist yet. Noticed the introduction enumerates different categories of parts than does the d3d index file. I'm conforming to the introduction for consistency within the page.

Finished work for this session at 00:30 MST

Finished FreeCAD Test


"I had no problems downloading the ISO, however when using the link at the top of the suggested google search for 'ISO to USB' the utility (ISO to USB @http://www.softsea.com/download.php?i...) did not recognize the ISO (error ‘cannot read info from iso file’ when trying to select iso) so I used the utility which I have used in the past, called LiLi. I downloaded it from http://www.linuxliveusb.com/downloads.... After clearing up some disk space issues on my computer, I was able to burn the ISO without issue.

I spent ~15 hours reading through the FreeCAD manual and trying the examples that seemed relevant to the test or interesting to me, as well as reviewing the OSE tutorials and messing with miscellaneous things inside FreeCAD. I gave up on the manual when I got to the Python section at the end.

As for the actual test, I finished steps 3-8 in ~13 minutes, but I must first deduct 20 points because the construction in this video is my second attempt. I am not sure what happened, but vokoscreen created a corrupted file that kdenlive could not read. I have been unable to figure out why this happened. Another 10 points should probably be deducted for sloppy workflow causing me to have to continually reorient parts due to not being consistent about selection order when using circular constraints. Another 10 points off for going over 30 seconds, but I maxed out the speed effect and couldn't find much more time of me just sitting there on screen (probably because I had practice from the first run through) to snip out. This leaves me with a total of 60/100. I should add that kdenlive was similar enough to Final Cut and Audition that I just kind of picked it up.

As for the videos, the brevity is nice but I can see how the quick pace could be confusing, especially because it seems to jump from topic to topic and covers a few things that are not part of the test, like meshes. This is obviously necessary, but it took me two watches to realize that they are not FreeCAD test tutorials but general FreeCAD tutorials. I think that fast paced tutorials like these are great for people who are proficient at learning software from observing videos but could be complemented by longer form videos that lay out specific learning objectives with accompanying specific tasks. "

--DixonNahrwold (talk) 06:19, 19 May 2017 (CEST)


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