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  • It seems to be divided up into "Work Packages" ie all the different steps were developed independently
  • Quote:
    • "The work flow of the eForFuel project is carefully planned and organized in order to accomplish the project goals efficiently and effectively, and to meet the needs of all stakeholders. There are 8 work packages in total, with 14 partners working complementarily on them."
  • Will be abbreviated as "WP" onwards from here


  • Link to the Page on WP-1
  • WP1 Efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction to formic acid
  • Quote:
    • " In terms of energy conservation, simplicity and stability, activating CO2 is more efficient using chemical methods (rather than biochemical methods). We will develop an electrolyser, in which CO2 is reduced to formic acid and water is oxidised to oxygen. Our first priority will be to reduce CO2 under acidic conditions, so that the final product, the formic acid, remains stable, or as we say "undissociated"."


  • Link to the Page on WP-2
  • Growth of E. coli on formate
  • Quote:
    • "WP2 aims to establish E. coli strains growing on fomate via two synthetic pathways. In WP1 we talked a lot about formic acid, which is stable or chemically "undissociated" under acidic conditions."


  • Link to the Page on WP-3
  • Production of propane and isobutene in E. coli
  • Quote:
    • "WP3 will introduce and optimize synthetic pathways in our formate-dependent E. coli strains (WP2), in order to produce our two target fuels: Propane, which is increasingly used as a vehicle fuel, and isobutene, which can be converted into isooctane, a superb fuel substitute."


  • Link to the Page on WP-4
  • WP4 An integrated electrobioreactor
  • Quote:
    • "the aim of WP4 is to design and develop an integrated electrobioreactor, in which the processes developed before can occur in one location and at scale."



  • Link to the Page on WP-6
  • Quote:
    • "WP6 will distribute a survey during these events and use it as a base for an analysis of public perception. At the same time this work package will also initiate contact with stakeholders and facilitate a dialogue between them and the consortium. The second part of WP6 is public communication, a task which includes providing information about eForFuel’s work in a variety of ways and media, including on- and offline, in film, text, and graphically."


  • Link to the Page on WP-7
  • Quote:
    • "This work package focuses on the preparation of business plans as well as the details of intellectual property rights and material transfer agreements. Another focus here is also a regular assessment of eForFuel’s technology readiness level throughout the lifespan of the project: this is a measure, which will help monitor innovation risks and also facilitate pushing the project towards a higher technology readiness level."
      • If it isn't Open Access i'm going to have a real bad time


  • Link to the Page on WP-8
  • Quote:
    • "WP8 deals with management. This includes such tasks as the day-to-day management and coordination of the project, as well as the financial and legal management of the consortium. But WP8 also includes quality and risk management, as well as innovation management, which will provide an ongoing discussion on the ways in which eForFuel as a research consortium concerns itself with responsibility, ethics and access."

Takeaways from an OSE-Perspective

P2X Via Biochemical Conversion

  • This showcases a TRL4 / TRL5 process for P2F using Electricity and Bioreactors!
  • This is MAJOR.

P2X Production of Formic Acid

  • While it can be used as a fuel in a DFAFC, it can also be used as:
  • Overall it is a useful chemical, and to have it be produced in a lab scale device (which on it's own may not mean much to a factory owner, but to OSE's Distributed Lens that may be all that is needed / multiple units could be run like how Powercubes are used

Lab Protocols + Overall Project Management

  • Looking into their Electrobioreactor design would be of use for designing one for ose use, their genetic modification as well potentially
  • The concept of Work Packages is interesting, and may be of use in some more complex OSE projects (already done to an extent, but that and the aerospace concept of Incremental Validation (i think that was the term, essentially what stratolaunch was doing with flying putting landing gear up/down landing etc, double check the term)

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