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  • A Line of Overbuilt D3Ds
  • Maxed out Specs for the most demanding use cases

Basic Design

  • This is just an idea by User:Eric, feel free to change baasic design (And remove this line once we all agree on the basic design)
  • Dual Axis on all Axis (X,Y,Z)
  • Built in Octoprint via A Raspberry Pi 4
  • Built in Touchscreen
  • Option of a Toolchanger
  • Option of a Part Removal "Pusher" installed that automatically scrapes the bed and pushes the part either into a collection bin or a conveyor (only needed for print farms), may not even work (Perhaps a print belt? (Wouldn't have infinite axis, would be only for part removal, may make heatting + autoleveling harder
  • Built in (4k? 1080p?) Webcam for monitoring of parts
  • Uses the Open Source 3D Printer Enclosure with heating and fume removal (and/or filtration)
  • Insulated Heatbed, and Heated Build Chamber STANDARD
  • Hand Swappable Toolhead Stock
  • CNC (Circuit and full on CNC), Laser, Solder, Pick and Place, Lab Liquid Handler, Rotary Tool (Like a Dremel for Surface Finish etc), and Microscope toolheads available as options
  • Available in 30cm, 50cm, 1 Meter, and 10 Meter Build Area Options
  • Optional use of the Ball Screw Universal Axis


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