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  • Check.pngMust be an MTP. Part of a larger vision - Solving Housing. Clear, consensus-based opinion on meaning of Solving Housing must be created.
  • Check.pngMust have visible productivity as an outcome - clear visible value generated. Coffee Table Book, Enterprise Guide.
  • Check.pngMust provide innovation on cutting edge integration, such as zero energy, smart home, autonomous, living building, etc.
  • Create a spece for unlocking genius, not for genius showing up.
  • Check.pngCollaborative design of a village, using different house models. Then they are all imported into SH3D and rendered. People contribute to the Village, so this is about working together.
  • Crowdfunded bonus - Reward is given to the Collaborativest person. Everyone votes on the highest contributor to the effort, with reward of $10k + crowdfunded bonus to the reward.
  • Designed as pairs. This doubles participation, increases community.
  • Clear communication channels, realtime and asynchronous:


  • Clear outline of product and assets needed:


  • Good skills are learned - primarily the collaboration part, secondarily - animation, cad, design.

Partnerships and Core Value Provided

Core value provided translates to money saved, but ethically, it translates to internalized environmental/social costs. Social costs are internalized via creation of distributed economy, which serves needs more directly.

  • Ethical economy - solving housing - providing most value must scale: lowest cost, highest performance house in the world. Zero energy, lifetime desing. Spend the resurces to make it happen with 4kW nickel iron bats, extra $4k. Lifetime savings - 4kWhr*60 years = 40 cents * 365*60 - $8760 saved over lifetime - costs. Cost of bats - $4k - minus the $1800 typical at midpoint of costs [1] to hook up to the electric grid. So real cost of bats is $2200 above that of grid hookup - making the real cost savings $8760-2200 = $6560 from battery storage, but that is for 5kW electric - 30 kWhr/day or $3.6/day - $39k saved over 30 years, or $1300 saved per year! At an investment of $8k including bats that pays for itself in 6 years! It's like making $31k for free - just on your electricity. $100/month savings over a life.
  • Savings on financing - does it really exist?



Value Proposition for Learning

  • Learn how to do professional-looking formatting of documents while collaborating on our published book with 1000s of participants.
  • Learn how to do professional grade CAD models of simple objects from drawings, and to create fabrication drawings from your CAD design which can be used for building parts of the house.

Value Proposition

What would you pay for?

  • Product - such as house or book or training. Important product: house. (1 vote by User Eric (especially for small stuff like making a somewhat cheap, yet professional quality Power Tools with high modularity, or even the "Universal Battery Adapter" )
  • Experience economy - not just edu, but FOMO edu - learn how to collaborate with thousands of people in realtime. Cad and editing, graphics and animation.
  • Enterprise - training and opportunities, suuch as setting up an entrepreneurship program in your town. Need to find a Chamber of Commerce, a candidate (through high schools or colleges), for tech school or enterprise track.
  • Volunteerism - contribute to something that makes a tangible difference: housing (1 vote by User: Eric (Schools Scolarship Programs, and Legal Punishment Systems often have Hours of Community Service Requirements , so having this as a commodity of sorts is a HUGE market IMO )

Industry Standards

  • Incentives for open source participation -