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As we roll out the Seed Eco-Home, there will be significant facility improvements. 2021 may be a turning point as we release Seed Eco-Home 2 as a scalable, distributed, Distributive Enterprise.

Some of the needs that arise for Summer X 2021 are:

  • Ability to add on-demand housing units on a 1-5/day schedule. We are well-positioned for this with modular construction using techniques proven since 2014 with Microhouse 4
  • Rural electrification with 50kW of PV - as in 60x50 area with 1960x1310 mm = 6.4x4.3 feet = 27.5 sf per panel. 1 sm = 10.7 sf. 3000/30 sf = 100 panels - or 50kW. Running DC 72V or 120V grid, with local inversion.
  • Large Covered structure for house builder training - sufficient to build 1-2 story house inside.
  • More covered structures for materials, sawmilling, block pressing.
  • Double-bagged greenhouse for year-round production - dome or 3D printed.
  • Plastic, earth, concrete, steel, and strawboard makers. Lamination of strawboard.

Shopping List

Other infrastructure improvement list:

  1. High T Printer
  2. Filament maker
  3. Shredder
  4. CNC torch table
  5. Extension of Workshop to the front
  6. Extend patio over Hablab
  7. Agriculture trailer
  8. Pervious Pavement walkway through forest
  9. MicroTrac operational
    1. Auger attached
    2. Mini-Backhoe
  10. Auger for LifeTrac
  11. 5kW VAWT based on universal rotor
  12. Lathe electric power source and belting
  13. Universal Track Unit
  14. Sawmill
  15. Solar Multipurpose Facility
  16. Hablab rooms finishing
  17. Siloes cleaning
  18. ppHumblehut]] Restoration
  19. ppAquaponic greenhouse pond]] rework
  20. Microhouse restoration