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  • Work by User:Eric and local people / officials to make a (at least basic) makerspace in Fleming Island's Public Library and/or School(s)
  • Most likely 1 year or so for hands on (covid vacciene and/or local test confirmed "eradication" ?)
  • Goal is to:
  • Make a small one
  • Build it up over the years
  • Either leave it at that (if i move in ~3 years)
  • OR use it to move to a dedicated site and/or make one in each local public school
  • Also would allow for local dev + education either way

To Do

  • Business Model
  • All the machines/tools needed in a bom
    • And make other ones for potential future expansions
  • Maker/Craft Fair Plots

What has been done

  • Called the library on 6/23/2020

Pre-Planning Analysis

What is already on site

  • A great selection of books, audio, and movies
  • Basic computers (internet+video in capable)
  • A "Meeting Room"
  • An EV Charging Station
  • A Large, often low fill, parking lot
  • A "Car Port" overhang, good for droppofs of supplies etc
  • A Playground and Park (need to check roofs and tables for events)
  • A Nearby Road
  • A Nearby High School
  • Short ride to:
    • Elementary School
    • Home Depot
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • A Nearby YMCA with event space as well
    • Everything else in flemming island
  • MAY have some workstation pc's already?

Relevant Contacts

  • Don't spam them...


  • The Official in Charge of These kinds of Things (double check this):
    • kaner.walker@claycountygov.com

Site Phones

  • The on-site general phone:
    • +1-904-278-3720


Basic Stuff to Have

  • Making a Spreadsheet for this here: (insert link)
  • Not too intrusive, but useful:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • FDM Pen
  • Drag Knife Cutter
  • High Res Printer
  • Outdoor Event Tent + other Equipment for Mini-Makerfairs and outdoor events
  • Workstation PC's and a Calibrated Monitor
  • A DSLR or a Few (The High School Has some as well)
  • A Few Mics and either an audio interface, or a portable audio recorder
  • Backdrops (White, Black, Green, and Purple) (can easily be storeable)
  • Some cheap photo/video lights (diy even)
  • Basic Small Parts


  • Mini-Makerfair
  • RC Club
  • Threadwork Club]]
  • 2D Physical Art Club
  • 3D on Paper Art Club
  • 2D Computer Art Club Krita
  • 3D Computer Art Club Blender
  • Teaching Tech Classes (teach non-tech savy people how to use computers, smartphones, settings on everything, etc)
  • OSE Club
  • Friday etc Art Classes with a small entry fee

As a Recycling Collection Service

Beach Cleanup

Potential Products

Raw Materials

  • FDM Filament
    • Options Include:
      • Pickup
        • Spooled on a 3D Printed Masterspool
        • Loose and zip tied with reusable zip ties (four, equally spaced) (no package, pick up; bring your own bag/masterspool/drybox)
      • Shipped

Misc Small Stuff

  • 3D Printed Fishing Lures
  • 3D Prints for Cosplay/Haloween
  • 3D Printed Models
  • Lasercut Wood Models
  • Portable Rocket Stove
  • Small sculptures and 3d printed art
  • RC Vehicles (quadcopters, planes, rc cars etc)

Hand Tools

Larger Purchases

  • 3D Printed Kayak
  • Open Source Solar Water Heater
  • Open Source PV System
  • Open Source Small Wind Turbine (some (often a bit more wealthy...) boats have small wind turbines to "top off" the batteries. Could make them more affordable, and possibly more common? Also VAWTs are sort of Kinetic Art (need to plot this out with recent 3d printed motor)
  • Seems ~400w or so is the "standard" according to Here
  • Bikes/Quadrocycles/ LSEVs
  • Rocket Firepits

Potential Site for a Building in the future

Personal 3D Printer Buy for User: Eric that will probably end up donated/used there post-setup of the makerspace

  • Prusa MK3s (Since it is a "Known" with a PILE of print profiles and HUGE Userbase , will probably try and make some crazy (Maybe even 10 ) m^2 D3D or something afterwards
    • Also could make just a 3x3 D3D Print Farm type thing next, especially if Prusa follows through and open sources their Print Farm Developments for the Prusa XL , as a print farm for small parts would be especially nice in a makerspace setting
      • Although VORON for may be better in that application due to it's speed? D3D vs Voron Comparison may be a good page to make (I'm guessing D3D is better in simplicity, maximum gantry payload mass (so big Pellet FDM Extruders ), and scalability, but voron is in maximum speed (due to CoreXY design) and userbase as of now)
  • Repbox or some sort of similar Dry Filament Storage
  • Stackable 3D Printer Enclosure (+ Inline Duct Fan based Fume Extraction ?)
  • Maybe a fire extinguisher for good measure, or one of those self deploying extinguisher sphere things
  • Raspberry Pi + Webcam for Octoprint + Spaghetti Detective
  • Spare Power Strip with Built in Surge Protector is a good idea
  • 2x Pavers + Foam (or Elastomer?) Square as per that CNC Kitchen video for stability
  • If money allows an XChange or similar manual tool swapper (and abrasive resistant nozzles + perhaps another extruder?)
  • Getting ahead of myself a *bit*, main thing is just get the printer so i can start making/prototyping hardware, but also have it in a "controlled" form factor/state (no fire risk, fume release, or undetected massive failures leading to wasted 10-20 USD worth of filament in large prints etc

Relevant Photos

General Sattalite Overhead View

  • FIFL Relitive Location Sat View.JPG
  • FIFL Building and Parking Lot Sat View.JPG

For Park Event Planning

  • FIFL Synnthetic 3D View of Playground + Park.JPG
  • FIFL Google Streetview of Park Complex.JPG

Potential Full on Building Spots

  • Unknown Cleared Area 1.jpeg
  • Relevant Section of the Zoning Map 1.JPG
  • Relevant Section of the Zoning Map 2.JPG
  • Satellite Overlay from Gmaps of the same area as GIS Crop 1.JPG
  • Fleming Island GIS Map Key.JPG

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