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In the future Free Beer can be produced by OSE farms as to promotion the concept of OSE to the public

Free Beer, formerly known as Our Beer (Danish: Vores øl) is the first brand of beer with an open recipe. The name "Free Beer" is a play on Richard Stallman's common explanation that free software is "free as in free speech, not free as in free beer."

The recipe is published under a Creative Commons license, specifically the Attribution-ShareAlike license. The beer was created by students at the IT-University in Copenhagen together with Superflex, a Copenhagen-based artist collective, to illustrate how concepts of the free software movement might be applied outside the digital world.

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Product ecology

  • Grain husks can be used as a substrate to grow mushrooms
  • Wastewater can be used to grow spirulina
  • Biogas produced can be used for energy