GVCS Rollout Sequencing

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Last updated Nov. 5, 2012.


See Strategic Plan for an overview of our major milestones and for the critical path to get there. See the graph of all prototypes built to date and study them fro insights into our development process (Note: All entries in the following graph are hyper-linked. Click Edit below the graph and then click twice on any icon to access the link):


Our current priority is Full Product Release of the CEB Press by optimizing production to one day of work with 8 people - via Collaborative Production. We intend to achieve this in our December 18, 2012 Collaborative Production Run. To get there, we are deploying the CNC Torch Table for rapid cutting of most parts.

Further, we have this suggested rollout strategy consistent with our Critical Path:


To achieve the rollout strategy, we will be applying the GVCS Modularity Pattern Language - or breaking down the GVCS machines into a set of modules:


This allows us to pursue module-based design instead of machine-based design. Modules take less time to build than entire machines. Development is thus accelerated by approaching machine design from module-based design. This relies on making the modules universal - by designing proper interfaces for the modules - the same module may be used in many machines. For example, the 13 mechanical modules are used in 28 machines in the above Rapid Deployment Plan 2012 diagram.