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Agriculture Plan 2013

Month 1, 2012

Abstract: First month involves creating a detailed site survey + general land stewardship plan (Site Plan). It also involves startup of a summer garden and beginning of responsible animal husbandry - starting with dairy cows in a mob grazing scenario. Documentation work involves creating a resource list of local agriculture stock + skill resources. Learning involves basic fabrication up to the skills required to maintain and modify tractor and implements.


  • Maintain Factor e Farm Agriculture Resources wiki page
  • Take charge of organizing ag tools
  • Create a Factor e Farm Agriculture Resources wiki page
  • Create a Management Plan for Dairy Cow by Saturday standup meeting
    • Include materials, costs, ergonomics of milking and pasture, health, grazing plan, shelter, scale, milking infrastructure, reproductive timeline, food supplements, medicine
    • Budget and sourcing of stock and materials
  • Survey - 2 weeks
    • Conversation with Dan Shellenberg - Saturday - sourcing equipment + basics of technique
    • Review the online video, post on, and create Surveying 101 wiki page
    • Source open source GIS and mapping software
    • Pasture, berming, long term planting (hazelnuts + chestnuts) ponds master plan
  • Garden Plan
    • Review Monday standup meeting

Learning Plan

  • One month
  • Fabrication - weld + torch - DONE
    • Rationale: all skills required to fix a tractor or modify agricultural equipment - DONE
    • 10 hrs welding - DONE
    • 10 hours torching - DONE
  • Diagramming, graphics software - DONE
    • Project ideas: sketchup site plan, preliminary designs for dairy milker & combine
  • Three Months

Month 2, 2012

Month 2 involves continuation of agriculture operations, to be determined in detail after results of month 1.

  • Propose a replicable, economic sustainability model for Factor e Farm Neosubsistence Agricultural operations
  • Produce a Vision Statement for Factor e Farm open source agroecology


Full, year round diet for 12 people

  • Greenhouse built (14” wall, 6” space with 4” bricks)
  • Single spade plow tested and implemented - deemed best for draft power
  • Double spade plow tested and implemented - deemed best for lose, deep soil, Lifetrac's wheels compact the soil too much though
  • Keyline subsoil plowing 2012
  • Edible fence planted (N line, S line, 3 acre pasture on NE corner)
  • Pond dug
    • Fish stocked
  • Shallow dam dug with LifeTrac (toothbar bucket)
  • Horto Domi fully functioning (water hookup, planted, worms)
  • Bees
  • Root cellar/storm shelter/shroom house dug
  • Open Source Combine


  • Fence built
  • Water infrastructure
  • Shelter
  • Pig sourced


  • Cow shelter dug and built
  • Second cow bought
  • Dairy Milker prototype



  • Road connecting back through front, passing pond
  • Terraces around HabLab dug and planted
  • Terraces on hill dug and planted


  • Site plan finalized - File:Siteplan.skp
  • Scalable, replicable model rewritten to reflect a full growing year
    • Documented: crop, acres, yield in pounds
    • Season summaries


  • Bat Houses
  • Mushroom propagation

Ongoing Work

In addition to:

  • planting
  • setting up pasture
  • research and planning
  • construction
  • site clean-up
  • production runs
  • planning
  • irrigation/water infrastructure
  • food processing/fermentation

this is what I do every day:

2012 Review

  1. What you have accomplished this year?
  2. What worked?
  3. What didn't?
  4. What have you learned?
  5. Based on your learnings, what do you want to do differently?
  • Concentrate on fewer projects at one time
  • Limit prioritized tasks unrelated to agriculture (less time spent trenching HabLab's water line, for example)
  • I have more experience at prototyping, and am able to produce hardware more effectively