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OSE Germany

As an open network, it is important that we know each other. We need to share who we are, our skills, current work and how we want to contribute. All this information will be shared by in our open profiles.

You can create your open profile in two ways:

1) You can either fill out this profile form

(After submitting you will have to wait a bit until the profile curator enters your profile data in the Wiki)
2) or create the profile Wiki page yourself:

  • Create your profile page, where FirstName and LastName are your names.
  • Copy the contents of this profile template and paste it into your page.
  • Fill out the questions
  • To upload your picture:
    • Open the upload page in a new tab.
      • Set as "Source file" your picture from your computer.
      • Set as "Destination filename": FirstName_LastName.* (where * is the file extension)
      • Click the button "Upload file".
    • Rename [[Image:myfotofile.jpg|thumb|myname]] in your profile page to [[Image:FirstName_LastName.*|thumb|FirstName LastName]] (* should be the file extension)
  • Save your page.

Finally, Share the link to your page in the Google Group and introduce yourself to the community.

The profile is published according to this Profile Procedure.

You can find a list of all open profiles here: Category:Profiles_Germany.

If you want to edit your profile in the Wiki you need Wiki account: . Learn how to edit the Wiki in the Wiki Cheatsheet and Wiki Instructions.