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  • Precious Plastic went from a small group to a rather popular and effective group
  • This may have also been due to the grants they got and perhaps articles on that?
  • This page aims to sort of reverse engineer what they did
  • Granted the groups (precious plastic and OSE) have different goals, scale, and applications and thus this can't be a direct comparison
    • Despite this investigation is still of use
  • (sidenote: as of this edit, this page is sort of a thinking out loud rant by User:Eric so it may be incomplete/disorderly + all the disclamers etc. Also may even make some nerdy video essay on this long term (when i get good mics and cameras...) )

Youtube Channel

The good

  • They have a youtube channel and use it effectively
  • they have monthly updates on essentially everything that has happened since the last update, this is also worded so that a non-developer can understand it
    • This is of course no substitute for intense documentation, logs, etc, BUT it is useful for the "everyman" to get the general idea of what happened, which is what these sort of pr channels should be for
  • They also made in depth instructionals on how to make the devices, use them, and create an enviroment+workflow for their use
  • Also they edited the videos to be VERY accesible and well done (albeit a but extra/flashy/goofy at times)
  • They travelled to various locations and/or did video send ins so you saw more of the locations/projects even on the "main" site
  • Given that youtube is a near monopoly, and is very common in use, it's use is very important, as shown by 256k subscribers
  • For more hard data here is a link to the Google Trends page on Precious Plastic
  • I'm no spreadsheet wizzard, i may try doing some intense stuff on this data, but any better people feel free to dive in

The bad

  • Naming can lead to some confusion perhaps (persons name for the page instead of the organisations, although the youtube algorhythm HAS figured to link people, but this may be an issue for smaller groups (?)
  • They don't have (?) a development channel so there isn't a clear source for more "in depth" stuff
  • Inclusion of other projects (other things like phoneblocks, while also good may be better as a fork/subdevision (like OCI and OBI etc)
  • Granted these are all VERY technical crituqes and aren't HUGE issues, but there is always room for improvement


The Good

  • Active Community
  • Tied in to the development

The Bad

  • No wiki?
  • No as orderly as something like reddit, and thus can be cluttered
  • Also would the use of a custom website increase server cost etc?

Business Kits

  • They made "info kits" with essentially everything but the money and supplies for starting up various workspaces

Bazaar and Workspaces

  • The Precious Plastic Bazzar is a relitively well set up open source store, and can be used as a model for the Open Source Everything Store
  • Also the workplace system was great for organisation, and along with the kits was showcasing lots of planning for how people will use the product, as well as guidance/maitnence of the ecosystems that form

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