Independent Collaborator Guidelines

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For best results, independent collaborators of OSE are encouraged to coordinate with the OSE Critical Path as much as possible. The Critical Path reflects the core work being done in a given year, consistent with OSE Values and OSE Mission. We have development meetings every Tuesday to work on Critical Path items. We encourage potential collaborators to present a 5-15 minute proposal at the Current Meeting that happens every Tuesday, and to start a dialogue on the best route to development. If you are considering getting involved, please see our Crash Course, and get familiar with Collaborative Literacy.

Groups, hackerspaces, hackathons, schools, and other organizations are encouraged to collaborate with OSE as independent collaborators. To collaborate, set up an account on the wiki - and you are welcome to edit our wiki. Those indeviduals who are interested in working on the 50 GVCS tools and other core projects - please familiarize yourself with the Completion Status of the GVCS. For various projects, we have Genealogies which chronicle all the prototypes built for a given machine.

Any official development project should document the Design, Bill of Materials, Build Instructions, and Data Collection for any project. Specifically, we use the Development Template - a list of 20 core assets that we document for each project. While the wiki may seed disorganized - a large number of projects - following the OSE Naming Convention and documenting the various development assets - continues to be added to this wiki. Understanding this taxonomy allows large numbers of people to coordinate their work. We also use Module Based Design to facilitate a large number of people working in parallel.

For those who are interested in a deeper commitment with OSE, we are looking for people to join the official OSE Development Team. Or, if you want to work with OSE full time, consider applying for the OSE Fellowship. We are also hiring for part time work running our Extreme Manufacturing Workshops, for which we offer training. If you would like to meet us in person, you can attend one of our Workshops.