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Program 1 - 2023

  1. Go to school. 200 cohort.
  2. Start 200 integrated PV manufactories, in 200 countries. Starts from raw sand, goes to silicon, melts aluminum from scrap, produces vinegar from apples and acetylene from wood, and purchases palladium catalyst for EVA, and boron + phosphorus pastes. Rest is history.


In OSE School, you learn how to think, use mental models, how to be creative, how to recall things, how to write and speak, how to count, and first principles of science. You also learn performance psychology, what good character is, how to be an admired leader, and about emotional intelligence, body intelligence, and relational Intelligence - culminating in ability to meditate, maintain focus, and cultivate self esteem. You learn to negotiate, while practicing service through Solving Pressing World Issues. The course is intended for post bachelor's study or equivalent based on competency. Work-study is part of the program, including for those who need financial aid. This study deconstructs human infrastructures and systems, and creates new ones as needed as part of hands-on projects. The intended outcome is Self-determination towards the evolution of life, culture, and science.


The OSE School is an extension of the OSE Apprenticeship, and is relevant to Lifelong Learning. Students may transition from the Apprenticeship, of 6 months, by taking advantage of OSE continuing education opportunities. Students may thus choose to continue to build the world, or take on continued study, or a mixture of both.

Curriculum for OSE's Mastery Learning (Extreme Learning Program)and Apprenticeship:

  • Class - 9 sessions per week, 3 hours Tue, Wed, Thu. Covers Tools, Build Tricks, Design Insights. This is core in Apprenticeship (focusing on build skills), and also in the Extreme Learning Program
  • 3 times a week - 5-7 PM - Extreme Design Lab. We build something in 2 hours, using the Construction Set approach with available modules. This is an integration of CAD design skill, rapid manufacturing/prototyping, documentation, testing, and data collection, held at the Tower of Wisdom.


  • General subjects, such as learning how to count. But it gets from zero to advanced mental models including Baseline, Multiplication by Zero, etc. Describes how to know everything. Constants and empirical info vs derived quantities. Hacks. Creating a reduced language. Creating a Construction Set

Priority Product Releases for Bootstrap Funding

  • House
  • 3D Printer + CNC machines - CNC torch etc
  • Tractor
  • Plastic recycling infrastructure
  • Aquaponic greenhouse standalone product


  • Average student to teacher ratio is 18:1 at colleges [1]


4 Year Program

The 4 year program is a liberal education for world-change agents interested in an entrepreneurial approach to problemsolving. In essence, we teach people how to think, how to form correct mental models, how to grasp the Art of Possibility, and how to tap into Neuroplastic Sublimation. Since ideas are cheap, this is backed with practice. The practice of Solving Pressing World Issues. The 4 year program culminates with the collaborative effort of 4 years' classes, starting with an initial cohort of 24 in the first year. The goal is to create something that didn't exist before as an ultimate expression of the art of possibility - with a focus on collaborative literacy to get there as an interdisciplinary team. Because this schooling is not separated from real life - the students will work half time - and this revenue funds ongoing development. Our goals are ambitious, such that starting from 24 people and scaling to the Open Source Economy - which is a trillion dollar-scale effort - means that we allocate all of our revenue to growth of the open source economy. For example, if we start with the Seed Eco-Home as a revenue model, a product release of a tractor may be beyond the scope of the first cohort - but subsequent cohorts can engage with the tractor fully. Such that we backfill a fully open source technology stack right down to steel, concrete, and silicon. Only by growth do we address team-building required for a transition to the open source economy.


  1. Year 1. Learning how to think. Congratulations: if you went to school you were likely dumbed down from your native genius level. No worries - in one year we promise to bring you back up to your original genius and then some. We first unlearn bad practice, and replace it with good practice by learning how to read, write, count, and logic. Year 1 Narrative, Assumptions, and Mental Model. Add to it the OSE_4_Year_Program#Narrative for about 50% of the time - where the technical skills are learned only after the basics of thinking, communicating, mental models, grit, character, and principles of peak performance are learned.



  • Character
  • Mental Models
  • How to Count
  • On Writing Well
  • How to Make Decisions
  • Mental Bias
  • Design Class - how to design a product in any area (mechanics, optics, semiconductor, propulsion, energy, etc). 5 classes: Mechanics, Materials, Electronics, and Precision Design, Bionics, and Algorithms (applied numeracy for AI, CV, computation). Each is comprehensive.
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Transformative Collaborative Literacy
  • Problem-solving
  • Computer literacy - sysadmin, security, cryptography, building a computer, building a server, building a wiki, starting a forum, starting a WordPress site, computer backups, multiple operating systems, containers, gitlab, local area networks, print servers, wireless control, wireless network control, other frequencies (short wave radio), satellite communications, internet between radio towers, and distributed private networks, router bandwidth control, algorithms, ai, cv, python, and mini computers for machine control.
  • Conflict resolution, negotiation, peacetime strategy, and military strategy.