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  • A Generator that uses Linear Motion rather than Rotary Motion
  • It requires more complex electronics, but may be more efficient in some applications, especially where electricity production is preferred, not rotary motion (ie not a vehicle's Traction Motor etc)
  • Also it allows for a more compact and/or simplistic design in some cases (No need for Camshafts / Crankshafts etc )
  • Also if done in the form of an Internal Combustion Engine it can even be tuned more via software than hardware

Industry Standards / Existing Work

  • It doesn't seem to be too common of a technology as of now, although it may be finally emerging?

Mainspring Energy (Company)

University of Edinburgh

Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research / Newcastle University


Sandia National Laboratories

  • "Sandia National Laboratory led by Sandia researcher Peter Van Blarigan that has been testing physical components of free-piston engines which could be 50% efficient. This is about twice as good as current combustion engines and about as efficient as fuel cells. Fuel cells are too expensive. He is assembling a complete free-piston engine prototype, a project that he expects to complete within a year."
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