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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Work led by JB Log

Contributor Guidelines

These files should be used by collaborators who plan to contribute future machine infographics. See also Getting Involved.

  1. Download the blueprint background here
  2. Download the illustrator file here File:OSE infographic template
  3. Download the arvo font here

Machine Infographics to Work On

See the Status of Completion infographic, and take a look at existing graphics below - and choose one that has not been done yet. You can also take existing infographics and update or improve them.

Seed Eco-Home

Seed Eco Home Infographic - [1]

Seedeco studio model Infographic

[# PSD source file]

Ai source file

Inkscape source file

[# GIMP source file] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3D Printer


D3D 3d Printer Infographic Source Files: GIMP source, inkscape source, PSD source, Ai source

CNC Torch Table

CNC torch table infographic final layout Source Files: illustrator photoshop GIMP # vectorscape]

Tractor - LifeTrac 6

Tractor v5 Lifetrac infographic final layout Source Files: illustrator photoshop GIMP # vectorscape]

CEB Press - The Liberator

CEB Press infographic final layout Source Files: illustrator photoshop GIMP # vectorscape]

MicroHouse Utility Module

Utility Module infographic final layout Source Files: illustrator photoshop GIMP # inkscape]


Download the files below to use as a guide for creating OSE machine infographics:

The GIMP (v2.8.6) file contains the illustration for the Ironworker in this case, a component detail and an sample arrow. The Inkscape (v0.48.4 r9939) file contains the a flattened version of the GIMP file in jpg format (placed as a link inside the document) plus the texts (title, subtitle, main description, tags and descriptions) and linear elements.

Ironworker infographic

Source Files:

  1. illustrator] photoshop GIMP inkscape


MicroHouse infographic

Source Files: illustrator photoshop GIMP inkscape

Passive Solar

Latest version of passive solar infographic.

MicroHouse infographic

Source files:




Power Cube

PowerCube 7 Infographic

First drafts and comments here

Creative commons licensing icons for print media (high resolution) and some application guidelines here

Open Source Microcar

Updated the Velocar Infographic to include detail sketches of some of the key components of the Velocar prototype. Yann will be adding in the final text soon.

Velocar Infographic preview

Download the editable source file here:

Editable Photoshop file

MicroTrac 2015

completed the microtrac infographic.

MicroTrac 2015 infographic

NOTE: the placement of the CCBYSA graphic needs to appear underneath the OSE logo as it does in the powercube and velocar infographics

Editable GIMP file download

Editable Inkscape file download


Gasifier infographic

Inkscape source file download


Bulldozer Infographic

PSD source file

Ai source file

Aquaponic Greenhouse

alt text

PSD source file

Ai source file