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2022 Work Log Entries

Mon June 27, 2022

The Fab Tool icon[1] page is a good start but needs to be cleaned up for easy viewing and copying when needed.

Find the "how to build" build instructionals here[2] I quickly reviewed the documents and found it a bit hard to follow. What´s the difference between the two types of templates other than "template" and "advanced template"? What are the use cases and which criteria should someone use to choose either? It looks like the "template" would be the first draft document that an build would be described in, as the build occurs which could later be turned into the "advanced template" format as the second, third, etc. refinements in the build occur. It would be helpful to take existing instructions for a machine that has been built several times and turn it into an "advanced template" format for reference for creating other instructionals (add this to todolist).

Next up is the example of a sample general overview for a part build, in this case a door [3] Though this is just an example, it does not make clear what the door belongs to, what larger project is this a part of? If these are to be created in a swarm of multiple projects, we could quickly lose track of which part belongs to which project unless it is clearly labeled at the top. Also, Fab is an abbreviation not everyone may be familiar with, so it should either be written out completely or have an asterisk with a line explaining its meaning. Much like blueprints, these "simplified build instructions" should have a legend that contains basic info like when the part was built, what project the part belongs to, whether it´s a part of component, tools used, safety gear used, overall dimensions, and this might also be a good place to add the time it takes to build, the number of steps it has, though those will be indicated elsewhere on the page, redundancy in this case is a good thing. It forces the person creating the document to check and recheck their work. Also, when a viewer is reviewing a stack of these "simplified build instructions" (as in a component of a machine) it would be very helpful to have these data points all in the same place on the page, lower right for example so they can see key data at a glance.

Next up is the "Full protocol" (add to todolist)

end (41min.)

2021 Work Log Entries

Tue May 18, 2021

Worked up the first draft for the OSE Apprenticeship flyer and updated the Summer of Extreme build flyer (see link below)

Sun May 16, 2021

I looked through some previous flyer designs in preparation for creating new flyers for upcoming OSE events.

Here's a link to the draft for the Summer X Extreme design/build flyer

and here's the link to the draft for the Seed Eco Home 2 builder crash course flyer and an updated version by Marcin

This is a useful resource to browse for images to use in future graphics

Tue May 11, 2021

Had a meeting with Marcin about creating icons for the Seed Eco Home v2 build.

Here are some related links - Some introductory information about OSE icons; a link to a blog post I wrote, a collaboration sign-up form,completion stats and icon repository

- This is a step by step tutorial that describes a process collaborators can use to guide them in the creation of new icons using inkscape

- This is the working document I'll be using to keep track of progress on the new deliverables for this project

2019 Work Log Entries

Fri Mar 1, 2019


Download in PDF - File:OBIsticker.pdf

January 2019

Tue 15

Here is the print ready PDF file for the 4x2inch OSE sticker

The PDF includes a 0.125 inch bleed as specified by the printer

OSE logo sticker color 1 v2-1.png

and here is the source SVG file and ai file just in case


2018 Work Log Entries

December 2018

Sun 16

second draft of animated D3D printer logo GIF



Sat 01

When printing graphics in which the D3D printer logo appears or sending just the logo to a printer to be applied to merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.) it´s important to use the version of the logo that has the TEXT OUTLINED (non editable). Below are the links to the landscape and portrait versions of the D3D printer logo with outlined text, ready for print:

outlined landscape D3D printer logo SVG

outlined portrait D3D printer logo SVG

November 2018

Tue 14

made final updates to OSE product logo template in inkscape

There are some template specs in this file: pdf presentation V1.0 here

For the creation of future OSE machine logos, use this template file: editable machine logo inkscape template google drive mirror


These are the links to the landscape version of the D3D printer logo with editable text: inkscape D3D printer logo landscape google drive mirror

OSE d3d printer logo v1-16a.png

and here are the links to the portrait oriented version of the D3D printer logo with editable text: inkscape D3D printer logo portrait google drive mirror

OSE d3d printer logo v1-16b.png

September 2018

Tue 18

worked up vector version for design approach #1 and 2 of OSE D3D printer product logo in landscape orientation.

August 2018

Tue 28

worked up a updated sketches for design approach #1 and added them to presentation with a side by side comparison of OSE product logo icons design approaches #1 & 2

pdf presentation V.08 here


Mon 27

worked up sketches and compiled icons proposals for design approach #2 of OSE product logos D3D printer, CEB press, powercube and microhouse

pdf presentation V.07 here


Wed 22

added new logo proposal for design approach #1 comparing the abbreviated, fully spelled out and a hybrid option for the Open Source Ecology brand text

pdf presentation V.06 here


Fri 17

added new logo sketches exploring design approach #1 "looks like crossection view" to presentation v0.3 OSE product logo template

pdf presentation V.04 here

added first draft D3D, CEB press, power cube and microhouse logos using design approach #1 (landscape and portrait versions)

pdf presentation V.05 here


Thu 16

new sketches exploring design approaches for OSE product logo template

pdf presentation V.03 here


Sun 12

compiling competitor logo and machine side by side comparisons as part of OSE product logo template research

pdf presentation V.02 here


Wed 08

working on initial sketches and proposals for OSE product logo template

pdf presentation V.01 here


March 2018

Sun 11

Working on freecad d3d 3d printer icons, extruder and heat bed and added here source folder

OSE-freecad-extruder-icon-v1-5a.jpg OSE-freecad-heatbed-icon-v1-5a.jpg


2017 Work Log Entries

October 2017

Fri 20

Continue working on freecad d3d 3d printer icons, frame, x/y/z-axis, controller, power supply, wiring, and spool holder

OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4a.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4b.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4c.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4d.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4e.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4f.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4g.jpg OSE-freecad-3d-printer-icons-v1-4h.jpg OSE-freecad-extruder-icon-v1-5a.jpg OSE-freecad-heatbed-icon-v1-5a.jpg

source folder


April 2017

Wed 26

Tweaked the first part of the overall assembly script in google docs and recorded the audio version using voice recorder from a cellphone. Created a kdenlive file to start Part 1 of the overall d3d assembly tutorial.


Tue 25

Tweaked assembly animation in Freecad, recorded the animation using vokoscreen, composed a new kdenlive video and uploaded it to youtube and posted it to minds network


Wed 19

Re-recorded audio and tweaked video in kdenlive.


Mon 17

Attended D3D team meeting team meeting


Sat 15

Worked in freecad on the carriage axis exploded animation, and rewrote the script, and recorded the voice over in audacity and combined the vokoscreen video in kdenlive and uploaded the result to youtube and posted in the minds network.


Mon 10

Attended D3D team meeting meeting chat links and added JPG preview images and links to freecad parts to D3D Part Library and recorded the process in this raw footage


Sat 8

Added missing axis nuts and bolts and some magnets to "universal x axis" exloded view freecad file and worked up a partial update of the exploded view graphic in google doc

Worked up an OSE wall paper using the parts from the infographic grid and logo inkscape 1080x768px JPG


Fri 7

Updated background image, added links and connecting lines between text flyouts and parts of universal axis exploded view graphic in google doc


March 2017

Wed 29

Started working on first draft of google doc with universal axis exploded view using parts from this freecad file


Tue 28

D3D development updated the infographic adding and modifying texts [4]

D3D 3d Printer Infographic

Downloads below:

GIMP source

inkscape source

PSD source

Ai source


Mon 27

Attended D3D team meeting,


Thu 23

D3D development updated the infographic texts and finalized the illustration [5]


Wed 22

D3D development worked up partial update of the 3d printer infographic combining text and illustration

and working on proposal for HR badge in inkscape


Mon 20

new infographic illustration underlay sketch


Mon 13

infographic illustration sketch


Fri 10

D3D development continued familiarizing myself with components of the printer for the main infographic illustration [6]


Thu 09

D3D development Worked up some quick sketches and a first draft of the main D3D printer illustration for the infographic.


Mon 06

SOLVED: Just needed to find the right combination of video quality, video length, speed percentage and CPU memory use for kdenlive to output a decent render of the FreeCAD test video and here the final freeCAD file.

Still having trouble rendering the kdenlive file that contains the vokoscreen video edit in order to complete the FreeCAD self evaluation. When the rendering is complete this is the result I get. After 12+ hours of practicing in FreeCAD, downloads & installations, watching tutorials and reading through freeCAD documentation, it took 37min to complete the FreeCAD test.


February 2017

Tue 07

Two versions of the OSE sticker (4 x 2 inches) for printing and corresponding source files

OSE sticker in original colors

Downloads below:

Print Ready PDF file here

Inkscape file of the sticker here

GIMP version of the sticker here

OSE sticker in 2014 color scheme

Downloads below:

Print Ready PDF file here

Inkscape file of the sticker here

GIMP version of the sticker here


Mon 06

FreeCad Certified icon variants organized by format:


These icons (512 x 512px) can be obtained from sourcefile here by making visible or hiding different layer combinations in Inkscape.


1. FreeCAD certified badge standard sourcefile here

2. FreeCAD certified badge vertical format sourcefile here

3. FreeCAD certified badge vertical OSE logo orientation sourcefile here

4. FreeCAD certified badge color icon sourcefile here


Wed 01

worked up three variants for the FreeCad Certified icon in inkscape ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

January 2017

Tue 31

Working up first drafts for FreeCad OSE icon and FreeCad Certified icon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wed 25

Made corrections to OBI t-shirt graphic,

OBI t-shirt mockup

Downloads here:

Inkscape source

[# Ai source]

print ready PDF

[# GIMP mockup source]

PSD mockup source


Tue 24

worked on OBI t-shirt graphic based on website infographic and applied to mock ups for comparison ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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