Marcin Log - November 2015

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Mon Nov 30, 2015

Finishing Open Source Hydronic Wood Stove design. Roadmap Proof of Concept Strategy. Expanded Metal Mesh

Sun Nov 29, 2015

Capacitive Height Sensor.

Sat Nov 28, 2015

Continuing Open Source Hydronic Stove with goal of finanlizing design and build procedure. Hydraulic Hose Protector. Thermowell. Minaral Wool , Rock Wool, and Fiberglass. Ceramic Fiber Insulation. Reviewed Leopold Kohr's Breakdown of Nations.

Fri Nov 27, 2015

Open Source Hydronic Stove building on Open Source Hydronics. PEX Tubing. Metamaps. Stock Photos. PhD Theses on Open Hardware.

Thu Nov 26, 2015

Faculty House Development - Finishing Doc under Conceptual Design. Settling on Technical Dev, Process Mgmt, Collaboration that includes the outside world and pulling in resources from the outside world as a key aspect of a collaboratively-literate distributive enterprise; and Enterprise layers of the Development Template. Took Master Development Steps out of Development Template. Kiersey Temperament Sorter II.

Wed Nov 25, 2015

Wiki Templates. Team Levels - metric of team maturity for prioritizing OSE efforts. CEB Press Future Work. OSE Development Process in a nutshell. What Do You Say After You Say Hello. Please Understand Me. I'm Ok You're Ok. Open Source Hydronic Wood Stove. FreeCAD Tutorials.

Tue Nov 24, 2015

OSE Advisors. OSE Design Guide and Roadmap.

Mon Nov 23, 2015

Degeneracy. Development Template - process view. OSE Microcar.

Sun Nov 22, 2015

3D Printer Companies. Space Frame Vehicles. Showerloop.

Fri + Sat Nov 20, 21, 2015

Roadmap. Cut firewood. Tim Gravlin pre-Thanksgiving visit. Open Source Product Development.

Thu Nov 19, 2015

YouTube Upload Encoding

Wed Nov 18, 2015


Tue Nov 17, 2015

Roadmap continued. Documented G-Towers. Started Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop.

Mon Nov 16, 2015

Open Technology Alliance. Swirl Filter. Tetra Pump. Greenhouse Log. Continuing on Roadmap with 3 year technical rollout up to the beginning of induction furnace and engine production. Open Source Rabbitry. Open Source Hydronic Wood Stove.

Fri Nov 13, 2015

Eighty five equals three point five billion. This is a troubling equation - representing that 85 of the world's richest people own as much wealth as the 3.5 billion of the world's poorest.

The potential of the open economic development paradigm lies in addressing this equation. The opportunity is the next trillion dollar economy, the open source economy.

What would it mean to bring about the open source economy? From the Open Source Ecology perspective, it would mean that any individual has an authentic choice to participate in one of two forms of economies. The first is the current system, based on centralization and monopoly capitalism. In this system, the general pattern involves that a certain company is pumped up by investors - sometimes based on merit for making human lives better. The [Genuine Progress Indicator] - a measure that includes the distribution of wealth - implies that most companies today are not based on such merit: as GDP grows, the GPI is stagnant. The difference between these curves may be considered as concentration of power and waste.

The second is an economy based on open enterprise - open organizations, collaboration in product development - and in general, access to economic power without competitive waste.

Open Source Ecology is promoting the Distributive Enterprise concept. Distributive Enterprise revolves around the concept of time binding from general semantics - the characteristically human activity of transmitting experience from one generation to another. This ability of future generations to build upon the sum of human knowledge - facilitated by access to information - can be used to create a new economic pattern in society. This pattern - which we call economic time-binding, or Distributive Enterprise - revolves around the concept of enterprises sharing their business models, operations plans, and the myriad of other processes that combine to a successful business.

We are working on three distinct areas of open source information. First, we produce open source blueprints for industrial machines to create an open source industrial system. Second, we are open-sourcing our business models for how we produce these machines. Third, we are producing open organizational models for how successful enterprises engaging in such production can be run. We believe deeply that true sharing has to happen on the economic playing field, and that distributive enterprise is a way to a collaborative economy.

Tue Nov 10, 2015

Water Elf. Aquaponics IoT. Greenhouse Systems

Mon Nov 9, 2015

Starting Plants. Water Elf. Shopping List:



Fish Catcher


  • [7] 5 gallon buckets
  • [2] barley or wheat berries


  • [3] 2x4 x 8 ft (treated cedartone - same dark lumber we used for the greenhouse walls)
  • [5] 2x4 x 8 ft (standard lumber)
  • [11] 2x4 x 7 ft (standard lumber)
  • [1] 1x12 x 8 ft (standard lumber)
  • [1] roll - 4 ft x 50 ft galvanized hex netting (chicken wire)
  • [1] 1 QT can - Minwax, water-based,"Early American" wood stain


  • [2] bottles of expanding foam

Home Depot

Sat Nov 7, 2015

  • Master Repo - [1]
  • Icebreaker
  • Today:
  • Finishing:
  • Caulk Seams
  • Paint Touchup
  • Button down existing panels
  • Cross pieces

Fri Nov 6, 2015

  • Icebreaker - what do you expect to learn?
  • Overview - thanks to 4 presenters + 6 more.
  • Outcomes - p. 39. Plus year-long experiment
  • General workflow.
  • Today:
    Glazed wall w/ sliding vent - 10 - [2]
  • Glaze wall (no vent) - 9 - [3]
    Solid wall (3) [4] - [ + chicken [5]
    Install - [6]

Mon Nov 2, 2015

Menards order final addendum - Greenhouse Systems.

Sun Nov 1, 2015

Aqauponics IoT.