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2019 Introduction

This is a Machines for Poets immersion crash courses on design, to be presented at the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp. If you would like the hands-on practice that goes with this learning, join us at our site for the physical event. http://bit.ly/2Vj5o1Z


Short Link for Machine Design Guides


18 Topics

Abstract: The OSE Design Guide is intended to be a comprehensive design guide for appropriate technology covering mechanical, electronic, and automation systems. Check mark means table of contents is available.

  1. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Collaborative Literacy. .
  2. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - CNC Machine Design
  3. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Frames
  4. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Universal Axis
  5. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Universal Machine Controller
  6. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Electronics
  7. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Toolpath Generation
  8. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Hydraulics
  9. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - 3D Printer Extruder Design
  10. Check.pngOSE Design Manual - Heater Elements
  11. Check.png. OSE Design Manual - Motors
  12. Check.png OSE Design Manual - Stepper Motor Controllers
  13. Check.png. OSE Design Manual - Geardowns
  14. Check.png. OSE Design Manual - Shafts and Bearings
  15. Check.png.OSE Design Manual - Couplers
  16. Check.png.OSE Design Manual - Pulleys, Belts, Sprockets, and Screws
  17. OSE Design Manual - Force and Torque Calculations
  18. OSE Design Manual - Structural Calculations
  19. OSE Design Manual - Thermal Calculations