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Note that the OSE wiki is tracking different versions of the D3D printer. There is only one Official Release Version (currently D3D v19.02 for the last 12V version, and D3D_v19.04 as the first 24V version of the 3D printer). Other versions are in use around the world, and the wiki captures all the documentation on these different versions.

Thus, for whichever version of the 3D printer you use - make sure that you use the correct Marlin firmware associated with that version, and the correct Cura Profile associated with that version. The only difference in the Cura Profile can be the nozzle size - if you change your nozzle diameter. Note that the extruder steps per mm will vary depending on the extruder that you are using. These values can be saved in the OSE Cura Profile - which can save the extruder steps per mm in the Start Gcode of Cura.



For D3D software, see D3D_v18.10#OSE_Marlin

Lulzbot Source

  • OSE D3D 3D printer builds upon Marlin, Lulzbot Cura, and the Lulzbot Mini 2 omnidirectional fan shroud. D3D and Lulzbot have the same extruder in common - we both use the E3D Titan Aero extruder. This means that the extruder configuration is identical for both printers - such as retraction settings, steps per mm, etc.
  • See Lulzbot Mini software here - http://download.lulzbot.com/Mini/2.0.0/software/marlin/