Microfactory Boot Camp - Scaling to Large 3D Printer with a 1 Meter Bed

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In order to make a large 3D printer, the 8 mm Universal Axis can be used up to 1 meter in size. If larger machines are needed, one can use the 1" version of the Universal Axis, which we have prototyped for a 5'x10' torch table. The frame can be enlarged correspondingly. Electronics need a larger external stepper driver such as the TB6600 - while using the same RAMPS based electronics. Heater elements can be scaled readily using nichrome wire-based heater elements. You can go to the 2" Universal Axis for even larger machines.

You can see the slides below:


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To scale printer with a heated enclosure, note that the OSE version of the High Temperature Heated Enclosure requires a gantry at a fixed Z location, otherwise major complications arise in the design of the heated enclosure. Fixed Z gantry means that the bed is moving in the Z direction. This introduces the challenge of large weight - 50-100s of lbs - for larger machines and prints. For example, once we 3D print 4'x8' Seed Eco-Home construction panels - those panels will weigh on the order of 100+ lb - and about 150+ lb when the weight of the heated bed is included.

By virtue of the Product Ecology embodied in OSE Specifications, OSE intends to have a Degenerate motion system design which works for both open and fully-enclosed, high temperaturature printing chamber designs - both small and large (100+ lb prints). Thus, it is likely that for larger heated beds and prints - with combined weight of 50 lb or more - a counterweight will be added for the weight of the bed. Complicating the design by using a bed fixed in the Z direction (by making the XY Gantry move in the Z direction) is not a preferred option because this is like adding a whole new printer design that is much more difficult to implement - and would not comply with the construction set approach of the rest of the 3D printer product ecology.

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