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10x is easier than 2x. To think in extremes, consider the possibility of 100x being easier than 10x.

  • Fractal org design - units of 24 are a good working scale at the $1M level. Thus, $1M takes care of $100M, but cultural learning is required.
  • Robust economics - SEH design with $60k materials, $30k labor at $40/hr and 750 hours. Key is thorough optimization from 2000 hours to 750 hours. 2000 hours considers first time learning.
  • Continuing improvement - Open Sector ecosystem to make the economic power accessible via UBA
  • RLF to attain the skills required. Start with: Heat Pump Module, Wall Module, Trim Module, Shower Module, Service Entrance Module, Trellis module, Garage Door Module, Doors and Door Knobs, Window Module. Then Landscaping pavers in 3 buckets. OSE Linux with all the CAD and blueprints in FreeCAD.
  • Degeneracy culture - we are systems designers, thus we must consider the simplest options for each
  • Ecology - ecosystems of product: structure, power, mechanisms, sensor, controller, communications, software. That's for tech, but integrate with natural ecosystems, food production, facility, school. Manufacturing and knowledge production.
  • RLF + School + Open Sector Enterprise - financial independence economic kernel for everyone
  • Lifetime Design - modification, modularity, durable parts, Construction Set Approach
  • Facility is modular, sideways and upwards scalable, such as Large Workshop Structure with Roofless Roof.
  • Efficiency via open collaboration to eliminate bureaucracy by virtue of post-scarcity thinking, transparency, and universal basic assets as an antidote to taxation.

Culture and Onboarding

Goal is behaviors which drive product and DMS. Product must be 100x, via a 10x of lifetime design and 10x of autonomy: elimination of waste, entry of financial independence, entry of Self-Determination.

Onboarding is the first year. Does a person learn to the Standard Learning Affordance of the RLF? This is the culture requirement showing: (1) learning, (2) performance, (3) some leadership development in terms of understanding design.

Onboarding means you mentor a person next year, and each year a submentor, until you build a crew of 8 by graduation time. This is the leadership track, where you then run your squad to build a house in one month upon graduation, with you as construction manager.

Differentiation is a must to address difference in ambition and ability. However, a moral intelligence of open collaboration and divergent thinking must match this. There are specific metrics for moral intelligence (collaboration, teamwork, creativity) to match production numbers. Unlike totalitarian regimes, transparency is followed simply by time lapse video uploaded daily as a distributed record. Build data is extractable immediately. AI video automation is included to provide critical data such as team size, CAD, build techniques, tools, location, etc.

Differentiation does not lead to specialization by virtue of fractality, with stygmergy of shared culture driving the correct company behavior without creating bureaucracy.