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Imagine being surrounded by 30 of the most exciting people on earth.

By exciting, I mean people whose core value is nonviolence - meaning - not participating in environmental and social injustices associated with business-as-usual living.

The implementation of this is a Replicable Community which converts local feedstocks into the lifestuff of modern civilization. What if you could participate in the development of such a community, with a grounded economic model including bootstrap-fundability as shown in Community Capitalization - which turns this into a virally-replicable enterprise? If you are pursuing higher purpose, this is the place for you.

I have a dream. Factor e Farm is this experiment, on 30 acres, and I am committed to demonstrating the above is feasible even on a 30 acre scale. Years ago Michel Bauens of the Peer to Peer Foundation has questioned whether this could be The Most Important Social Experiment in the World.

Deployment Plan

With a build-up to 30 Full Time Developers by year-end 2013, we expect the FeF community to achieve complete autonomy by year-end 2015. We are recruiting actively right now. This means the core GVCS 50 deployed down to the ability to bootstrap-replicate a complete economy on a 40 acre scale within a time period of 1 year for replication at a cost of $10k in materials + land. See Community Capitalization and Replication Strategy.

We are looking for 30 select individuals to be a part of this social experiment. We are aiming not only to achieve the above, but also to make it virally replicable. To that end, we are building a Self-Funding enterprise.

Approach Strategy

"All revolutions start in the countryside." - ungrounded claim by MJ, but apt.

See Personal Notes on Viral Scaling.

Land Stewardship Contract

The essence of our work is transformation of the world from Global Geopolitical Compromise, and such transformation begins with land stewardship. Our deployment plan involves a collaborating investment from one community member who provides a land parcel on the 40 acre scale. There are strings attached: the donor sets this land up in trust, with a Board of Directors chosen from trusted OSE members - set aside as a site of permanent future heritage. The donor loses equitable interest in the land, while gaining full autonomy in collaboration with the community membership.

Dream State

If you want to change the world in a profound way, I want you to come to Factor e Farm for 3 years from now to year-end 2013 as the team-building phase for recruiting 30 people. Then I want you to stay for 2 more years as we co-author the world's first post-scarcity village experiment that builds and uses the 50 GVCS tools.

  • I want you to require from me no more than $500/month, and be bringing in $10k/month in R&D funding

Dream State Rationale

  • Violence-free life is ethically elite, and is priceless to me - and I suspect that there are others who feel the same way.
  • My cost of living is $300 per month, whtich is easy to do when utilities and housing are covered.
  • I have large R&D budgets.
  • There are 5 billion people worldwide that live under $3k/year[1] at that level of income
  • Where is the excitement? Invitations to conferences and speaking engagements and quality time of working constantly on pressing world issues drive me.