Operations Manager 2013

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  • OSE is an open source industrial design organization - working on the Global Village Construction Set. See TED Talk.
  • Executive position - responsible for managing a complex and rapidly-growing organization with intent to scale from <$500k to multimillion dollar budget
  • Full time
  • Intent of position is to grow with organization
  • Competitive salary based on experience and culture fit
  • Kansas City or New York City location
  • Official title: Operations Manager, promotion track to Chief Operations Officer
  • Announcement date: January 24, 2013, to be filled as soon as possible
  • To apply, email opensourceecology at gmail dot com with your resume and Video of Interest, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Role Description

  • Responsible for managing a full range of Open Source Ecology operations - design, fabrication, testing, pilot projects, documentation, production runs, special events, construction, communications, fundraising, office operations, facility maintenance and upgrades, and others
  • Assists ED in developing organizational structure, infrastructure, and protocols - including office, internet, and prototyping infrastructure
  • Sets up and manages a production-based, for-profit branch of OSE operations
  • Maintains and Updates OSE Operations Handbook (everything from email handling for the Assistant, blogging procedures, to financial controls)
  • Oversees facility and its development + production program
  • Oversees all budgets and digests them for review by ED
  • Composes and negotiates contracts for staff and contractors, and assists other executives in composing/negotiating contracts
  • Helps ED in recruiting, makes hiring suggestions, and on-boards new candidates
  • Reports to ED, and helps ED manage other executives
  • Builds processes for effective team communication
  • Manages Public Affairs until this role is filled by others
  • See more about OSE Operations


OSE believes strongly that life experiences and abilities may not necessarily match up with on-paper credentials. The following is a list of our preferred qualifications, however, we are flexible depending on the individual candidate's fit with our organization and their respective role.

  • MBA preferred
  • 10+ years of executive-level operations management experience
  • Experience in interviewing
  • Executive management experience of multi-million dollar organizations
  • Comfort in negotiating legal and financial structuring of organizations
  • Executive experience in managing multi-million dollar budgets
  • Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent mentorship and team building skills
  • Track record of community service and humanitarian service
  • Event organizing experience
  • Excellent problem-solving ability
  • Extensive experience with day-to-day project tracking + project management software
  • Hacker, hands-on, DIY culture with respect to open source hardware is a plus
  • Engineering experience is a plus
  • Willingness use Linux computer platform for OSE-related work
  • Keen ability to write and negotiate contracts, scopes of work, and memoranda of understanding
  • Excellent ability to work as a team
  • Excellent fit with OSE culture
  • See also our Talent Search Criteria