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This page is a trash can collection of OSE's lesson modules starting from 2020 and forward.

STEAM Camp Lesson Modules Overview

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Naming: OSE Lesson - Name of lesson Don't put in stuff like Lesson 3 of STEAM camp, as these modules should be usable in other camps, and in other orders.

Put in duration of lesson as we may have e.g. a 5 minute introduction, or a 1hour introduction pending on the duration of the event.

STEAM Camp Lesson Modules

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  1. OSE Lesson - Welcome & OSE Introduction - 1 hour
  2. Open Source Projects - OSE Lesson - How to Start an Open Source Project - 1 hour
    1. Trashcan
  3. Freecad

3D printer design with universal axis 3D Printer (is it not D3D Universal?) Reflections + Background 3D printing of circuit plotter parts Modular Electronics Designing in KiCad: an Arduino Uno Build a Circuit Plotter Plotting and Etching an Arduino Uno Soldering an Arduino together Reflections and learnings

Designing Brushless Electric Motors

Electric motor build - Building a 50W stackable axial flux pancake motor Motor controller build Making a CNC mill from the electric motor Using Marlin for CNC Milling with auto bed leveling Reflections and learnings Battery apacsk for just about everything Building a 24V battery pack - from a prepared and 3D printed kit Arduino-controlled Battery Charger An Arduino-Controlled Cordless Welder