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Current Profiles

(last updated 4/21)

Production Equipment


HintLightbulb.png Hint: Note that bed size must be set under Machine Settings in Cura - it is not saved in the printer profile. Note also that Start Gcode has the Extruder steps per mm - OSE extruder is different than the Titan Aero

Production Settings Notes

  1. Take bed down 330mm - works for 13" frames


  • M92 E100 - correct settings for the Universal Gearless Extruder. This reflects a low number of steps for direct drive, compared to M92 E425 from the Titan Aero, which was geared down about 4x.
  • Printer 6 needs a new extruder. It overextrudes currently. 70% flow makes it work properly.

Typical File

Typical Profile File for v19.06

Data Collection

  • Using short idler for Z axis may have issues with tilt. Using a full carriage allows for a more constrained vertical orientation
  • Side to side tilt of Bed adjustability (not needed) can be eliminated by using a stiff attachment of bed mount to Z carriage. Point of adjustment eliminates final build time.
  • Front to back tilt of Bed can be eliminated by equivalent bottoming out of Z axis. Make sure this happens for perfected bed leveling
  • Stiff connection of Y to X eliminates any potential loosening of X axis, and eliniates extra interface parts. This facilitates build time, but adds 2 custom parts.

Production Engineering Notes

  • When bed temp is above 80C for the printers - the prints do not stick! At 120C, prints fail by coming off the platform.