OSE Strategic Plan 2023

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In 2023, there are only 5 years left until the promised completion of the Global Village Construction Set by 2028. This must address the shortfall of the overall 'appropriate technology' movement - criticized in Paper Heroes. Namely, it must meet needs. Economic needs of efficiency can be used to eliminate the dichotomy of Homo Faber vs Homo Laborans by integration of these 2 aspects using human consciousness and powerful appropriate technology. To meet needs, technology must be economically significant. It must work, and for Distributed Market Substitution, it must be 10-100x better.

The next 20 years look like this, consistent with the Scaling Rollout proposed:

  • Opensourcing of the technosphere by 2028. Under $20B needed, with $1B for each major sector of society with about 15 sectors - agriculture, steel, silicon, semiconductor, PV, hydrogen (energy), housing, manufacturing (interoperable parts and standards integration), precision machining (up to air bearings), chemistry (chemical engineering), money, governance, security, education, and mining.
  • 2023 - Proof of concept of the product base for Distributed Market Substitution in the field of housing, with a crew of 24 World Builders who love to build. Practical eco-friendly building is the product. Initial cohort of 5 starts the recruiting to a crew of 24 and growing.
  • 2024 - 10x scaling to a 240 person enterprise on the campus of OSE International as the home facility, with a full first class of 24 Movement Entrepreneur potentials, starting a cumulative 5 year program as the world's first Edufactory model, with everyone placed after the first year and then doing 50% mesearch (Integrated Human Design education) and 50% applications (enterprise)
  • 2025 - 100x replication to other sites
  • 2023-2025 - Production workshop + basic $2M/yr operation.