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Used For

  • Medium to Large Scale Power Generators
  • Large Vehicles
  • Smaller home scale version?
  • Hydrogen Cooled Gas Turbine for INTENSE industrial use? (Probably need a full on engineer for that one)

Industry Standards


  • Goofy concept, but one such device was created the Dynajet Generator
  • RC Turbojets/Turboshafts Exist

Home-Small Scale Commercial/Industrial

  • 100kw-1Mw seems to be the common designs


Existing Open Source Designs

  • Colin Furze makes all sorts of (albeit inefficient) jets
  • Tech Ingredients has made some "lab scale" turbojets, and edfs, may one day do a turbogenerator

Minimum Viable Product

  • Scaleable from commercial grade generators, and things like large commercial groundcraft/watercraft, all the way to industrial grade generators

Basic Design

Phase 1

  • Automotive Turbocharger based compressor and expander
  • Metal tube for combustion chamber
  • Tech Ingredients this is essentially what it will be
  • Question is how to couple this to an electric generator? (Or a Variable Piston Pump for hydraulic fluid?)
  • Electric Fan Starter, or is there a way to use the generator stage for this (in reverse?)

Phase 2

  • 5 Axis CNC Mill or somthing similarr for custom turbine blades
  • Fuel Injector with small holes via thrown together EDM (needle/thin metal rod?)


Phase 1

  • A good Scrap Yard run to get turbochargers, and anything else you can find still in working order
  • If not get them OTS A Guide Here

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