Apprenticeship 2021

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First Cohort - Apprenticeship 2021

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Work Logs

  1. Odundo Log
  2. Joshua Log
  3. Ken Log
  4. Wes Log
  5. Prince Log
  6. Paul Pham Log
  7. Marcin Log
  8. Jeff Log
  9. Catarina Log


  1. Arturo Log
  2. Brian Log
  3. Paul Cuciureanu Log
  4. Matt Log
  5. Christian Log


OSE Apprenticeship Food Purchasing rules and policy.

Receipts for Reimbursement

21 July 2021

$79.79 to Paul (everything except beer is food for OSE) [1]

25 July 2021

$191.13 to ??? [2]


Ideas for easy and delicious cooking at the HabLab.

  • Prince's shepherd pie
  • Joshua's grilled and seasoned tilapia
  • Ken's spicy ground beef
  • Paul's Breakfast Casserole
  • Turkey Breast Filet
  • [ Seasoned Ground Beef for Tacos]
  • Tuna Fish Salad: spinach, mixed greens, grape tomato, tuna fish, mayo / vegannaise, salt and pepper, tossed together in a large bowl
  • All-Season Chili

Most of these are main courses. Easy side dishes of veggies can just include opening a can of cooked carrots, green beans, corn. Canned mixed fruit, chopped pineapple, or a whole watermelon make a great and healthy dessert.

Online Services


This essentially functions as a group mailing list.


Wal-mart login info for Jeff to place food and supply orders
password: wRZ2ikJEQ1kz

Add to the Shopping Lists, with the name that matches the next Sunday. If it doesn't exist, please create it! Don't add to the Cart, it will only let you choose a small fraction of the items listed as available at your chosen location, which wouldn't cover all our needs.

Current Food Orders (7/18)

Current Shopping List (7/18)

Check previous items before you add a new one.

We'll go together in Jeff's van, we're still figuring out the pick-up options at St. Joseph Wal-Mart.

Past Food Orders

Google Sheets


These are quasi-skunkworks projects apprentices are working on in addition to the main build curriculum of GVCS machines.

Build Curriculum

Seed Home v2 Build

Seed Home v2 Build Status Spreadsheet

CEB Press Build

3D Printer Build


Daily Slides