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Big Picture


  1. Kits - ordering $799 kits
  2. Publicity
  3. OSE General Survey - we're looking for conversations with people - market research; teachers, engineers
  4. Print plastic


  • Do market research - talking to customers
  • Print parts
  • Prepare tested kit - 3D Printer Kit Certification
  • 3D Printer Builder Certification
  • Secure venues for California for 5 events in October/November
  • Blog results of immersion
  • Post on OSE Workshops FB and main OSE page re OSE Cali
  • 3D Printed control panel mount - 2 piece
  • 3D Printed Tape Measure
  • 3D Printed Calipers
  • Market research for workshops
  • Marketing development for workshops
  • Sara, Alex - get 3 3D printers up and running for production of parts and kits
  • Develop 1 Hour FreeCAD Crash Course for Developers. There is no better way to learn FreeCAD than to teach it.
  • Design Print Shredder hopper for 3D printing - from Precious Plastic Shredder in FreeCAD
  • Build Filament Maker
  • Build Shredder
  • Start testing filament formulas from common plastics - mix of many plastics for Shilament, OSE's brand of Shilament.
  • Publish Manual for sale as printed book - post for free on Amazon. Free e-book, paid physical book.
  • Offer 3D Printer Kits
  • phpList
  • phpBB or Discourse


  • Wiki indexing, such as Site Map
  • Produce low cost kits with 3D printed frame and linear bearings



  • Develop Laser Cutter + Documentation
  • Develop reliable 3D filament making formula for Shabs Filament (Shit ABS) recycled ABS and its sourcing + printing
  • Develop reliable formula for Plash Filament (PLA Shit Filament) production + printing
  • Recycled printing - large aperture extruder nozzle (1mm and up) to pass Shit Filament



  • What about onboarding folks?
  • What about Discourse as a way to support folks in doing the manual
  • What about talking to 50 people?
  • What about disciplined entrepreneurship?
  • What about onboarding a marketing person?