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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This page is required reading for all individuals who are considering becoming OSE Developers. If you would like to apply, see OSE Developers.


Develop the Seed Eco-Home as a viable business. Goal 1 is to show the ability to build 4 seed Eco-Homes (1000sf) in 2 weeks from groundbreaking, and ability to do so at a frequency of every 2 months. Goal 2 to is to demonstrate that an Integrated Construction Manager (build entrepreneur) can lead each project with 500 man-hours per house build and integrated total of 40 construction management hours for $50k construction management revenue after labor, materials, legal, land, utility hookup costs.

Key Milestones for 2019

Key Milestones for 2018

  • Develop Immersion Training, deployed Sep 1 Back to School on the Open Source Desktop Microfactory.
  • Tuition pays for infrastructure improvements + SME contributions and freelancers to produce high quality curriculum to OSE standards
  • Deploy HeroX
  • Continue OSE Devs recruitment
  • Develop HR capacity
  • Develop SME capacity
  • Develop D3D website as first distributive enterprise, including marketing
  • Marketing development for steady filling of workshops: design workbench, design contests, conferences. Marketing Strategy
  • Develop proposal for: R&D, Machine Product, Education Product, Workshop Product, Marketing Plan

Key Milestones for 2017

The work of OSE for 2017 involves 4 major milestones, for which we are recruiting collaborators:

  • Q1: Developing the 3D Printer as a full release
  • Q2: Extending the 3D Printer construction set platform to produce a CNC Oxyfuel Torch Table, which can be used to cut steel for building OSE's heavy machines
  • Q3: Applying the CNC torch table to build the next iteration of the tractor, backhoe, sawmill, and other construction-related machines
  • Q4: Applying the OSE construction machines in the second iteration of the Seed Eco-Home.


Contributor Requirements

We are looking for individuals with a basic requirement of (1) downloading and using the OSE Linux distribution for development work; (2) keeping a work log on the OSE wiki (see example such as Marcin Log to promote open collaboration with a large distributed team; (3) learning FreeCAD to produce 3D CAD, which is one of the central activities involved in OSE work. We allot a 2 week learning period for candidates to study FreeCAD 101, and to pass a basic FreeCAD Competency Test.

Roadmap Narrative

The rationale of the OSE roadmap is to provide financial bootstrapping for OSE growth, and to push forward the OSE prototyping agenda aggressively:

  • The 3D printer is aimed at replication as a Build Workshop Enterprise (see OSE Workshops for sample workshop offerings) - where people pay for an immersion experience. The goal is producing 12-100 3D printers in a single workshop, where people have the option to take a finished 3D printer with them. OSE is currently developing this as a stable funding model for its operations, while making this replicable by others by keeping all of the supporting assets (designs, organizational assets) free and accessible to the public. The financial concept is attracting 12-100 participants per event at $300 above the Bill of Materials cost = $3600-$30000 revenue per event. Our key for achieving this is using the Extreme Manufacturing model of 1 day swarm builds, and developing outstanding product (machine + process + enterprise) and extreme organizational efficiencies that attain Viral Replicability Criteria. This is intended to become our first Distributive Enterprise.
  • The CNC torch table is a natural extension of our 3D Printer Construction Set, and a powerful tool necessary in rapid manufacturing of other OSE machines. The logic of releasing both the 3D Printer and the CNC Torch Table is to help other OSE developers to engage in rapid prototyping as part of the OSE collaboration.
  • The CNC Torch Table facilitates rapid prototyping of all of our construction machines.
  • The construction machines in turn facilitate incremental improvement of the Seed Eco-Home, with our next milestone being to produce lumber, block, and plumbing fittings from local and recycled materials. This would bring the materials cost down significantly.

Workflow Overview

Development work at OSE involves a technical skill set. We encourage not only engineer types to work with us - but also anyone else in the arts, humanities, and sciences who is interested in diversifying their skill set. The main requirement of OSE Developers is a willingness to learn - as the skills required for participation are learnable in 2 weeks for basic competencies, of which there are several. The basic skill set required is computer literacy, with the ability to learn FreeCAD and other open source tools. Besides this, anyone with a high-school physics equivalent background should be able to participate. Part of our work involves bringing our contributors up to speed in widely-applicable technical competencies. Part of our work is producing high quality, 5 minute, video OSE Crash Courses on key skills to facilitate this learning.

Much of our work involves 3D CAD. A common activity is drawing up 3D CAD models from scratch, as in our FreeCAD 101 tutorial. However, a great part of our work - which is based on modularity - includes using existing 3D files. This means that at the minimum, a contributor needs to move, rotate, copy, and manipulate objects in 3D - a skill that is attained readily. Using 3D files from the OSE Part Library, or downloading parts from various sites - allows a novice to generate technically-correct assemblies, all using open source tools. As such, the OSE development process is accessible to just about anyone, anywhere in the world that an internet connection is available.

Most of our work involves remote design collaboration.