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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This page lists micro-priorities that should be consistent with the OSE Development Priorities

Sun Apr 17, 2016

Develop 5 products with significant revenue potential, and use these to fund further development. The team works in common, including media and story-telling to make it happen. One month product cycles of 12 team members. Prerequisite is skills training to work as a team. Blend of Heavyweight Open Source Product Management, Kaos Pilots, Y Combinator, Movement Entrepreneurship, and Distributive Enterprise. Building to one year program, where the first part of the program is larvely skill tarining. We work as a team. The agreement is we specialize on one revenue stream, but work together thematically. Surplus funds support functions, such as website training and other industrial design topics.

Mon Apr 11, 2016

FreeCAD Instructionals. Developing Tractor Construction Set library. Open Building Institute. Curriculum Development for Extreme Enterprise = Extreme Manufacturing + Distributive Enterprise. Aquaponic Greenhouse. Top 3 enterprises: CEB Press, Aquaponic Greenhouse, 3D Printer.

Mon July 27, 2015

Virally replicable land based facility. Agriculture stewardship for local food provision. Fabrication and production. Energy + Fuel production. Off-shelf pv + biochar systems. Nursery for plant crop. Operational plan for agriculture operation. Operational plan for manufacturing. Video production and news production - open source economic development. Collaboration with OS people. Instructionals for open source tools. Land based facility is most tangible. Scalable regeneration paradigm that is self-funding and with 3 year startup. Integrated agriculture and manufacturing operations. Recruiting: an older land-based steward such as Richard or younger apprentice as Tyler. Pilot program for apprentices. Machines System R&D - GVCS 50 - not individual machines. Strategy: develop 50, then iterate on individual machines. Enterprise development. Stewardship Dvelopment. Replicable operations on .1-40 acre scale. Most important today to get there: training on tools (curriculum dev) vs. (dev) of machines. (Business dev). (Rapid Prototyping of integrated systems) - biochar + soil food web keyline plow tractor injection drones GIS Miracle Orchard Afforest + tractor fuel + wet bale + for $500-$2000 daily earnings + gasifier water heat biochar Aquaponics nursery + power cube + solar + brick + Pulverizer + CEB sawmill modular houses pellets and biochar pellets + CNC torch + curriculum + oxy hydrogen cutting + wood gas cutting + ducks + turkeys. Site plan for 60' spacing. Includes workshops such as 3dp, drones + 3D, and CNC torch + TechShop.