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Troy Martz Gasifier - gasifies charcoal

There are some advantages with using charcoal (rather than wood) for gasification (section taken from: Troy Martz Gasifier). These may include:

  • Sufficiently drying wood/biomass to an appropriate water content % takes days. Charcoal can be made and used in mere hours.
  • The byproduct of charcoal sizing (anything under 1/16th of an inch) just happens to be perfectly sized for biochar...w hat a great byproduct to have
  • We don’t have to worry about tar! Thus, filtration in the down line is relegated to ash and dust… easily done.
  • Pure carbon is a perfect catalyst for the reduction process… You never really get 100% there with biomass.
  • We eliminated “pyrolysis” from the problem we’re trying to solve, so the gasifier design becomes infinitely more flexible than the “Imbert” design
  • We can scale gas production with the same system by merely swapping out a single nozzle size – we can go from 2kW to 50kW with the same machine!
  • Yes, charcoal has less BTU’s, but we can also utilize those BTU’s by capturing and using that heat with a smart charcoal retort design
  • Charcoal gasifiers have the potential to produce far more powerful gas flow than biomass gasifiers... Cracking steam is the key.


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