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Working Doc - add former info in there: Proposal Construction Set Working Doc

Top priorrities are

  • Solar Concrete - first builder in the world to use 100% solar concrete for foundation and hardscape. Only 50kW and ton per day does it for a house per week operation.
  • Seed Eco-Home 3D Printer - Materials Cost Savings of $11k immediately, $25k longer term, and eventually FreeHouse with open sector enterprise and other Materials Recursion
  • Seed Eco-Home Designer- Enabling custom housing at the cost of standardized design. all the variations, which you can do using our building system, build it yourself for $60k for the base model with PV.
  • Edge of Knowledge program creating genius via the 1000 Hour Curriculum. With heavy emphasis on learning how to learn.
  • Open Source Everything Store bay for the RLF. Motors, 3D printing, cnc tooling center, small-scale hot metal processing, and controllers for everything that you see on Amazon.
  • Extreme Seed Eco-Home
  • Solar Concrete from limestone - 50 kW, 1 lb or so per kWhr at Solar Concrete. 50 lb per hour, or 300 lb per 6 hour solar day. At about 10% cement for concrete - this gets us a yard of concrete. In 10 days - we have 10 yards worth, enough for a Seed Eco-Home. TLDR: Solar concrete using a 50kW PV array to generate concrete for all the house foundations and concrete used in the Seed Eco-Home Enterprise
  • Solar Tractor - Initially biohydraulic fluid with Enapter electrolyzer providing a gallon of fuel per day, burned in hydrogen engine and with 1 kW electric power cube hybridization. Eventually, Open source tractor enterprise with solar induction-furnace melting scrap to produce steel for the tractor, with sunflowers cultivated for low-eleic acid biohydraulic fluid, dandelions grown for rubber, solar-electric-hydrogen-hydraulic hybrid. Hydrogen engine for power with Enapter electrolyzer. A naturally grown tractor scalable from 2kW to 640 hp.
  • Power Tool Construction Set - lifetime design upgradeable tools taking useful service life from 1-3 years [1] to 20-100 years.


Concept: Collect proposals from open and open source-friendly individuals. Mash them up and resubmit to others (on any topic) by leveraging social capital networks synergistically in an emergent fashion. The value here is the contacts/agents/project ideas - which if they don't succeed in one format, they are feed for another. Key is concepts and ability to execute - recycled proposals provide this.